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Advanced TIP TIG Welding

At www.tiptigusa.com, you will find a weld process that always produces superior weld quality than TIG, and is 100 to 500% faster.

Welcome to the world's largest web site on MIG , Flux Cored and TIG. Weld Process Controls & Best Weld Practices.

To get to the root cause of MIG & Flux Cored weld issues & provide instant resolutions, requires Weld Process Control - Best Practice expertise and less sales influence. This site provides the weld information required to attain the highest possible manual and robot weld quality, always at the lowest possible weld costs.

The site was first established by Ed Craig around 1997. Contact Ed. ecraig@weldreality.com


Rev Aug 2017.

Welcome to Ed's MIG - TIG and Flux Cored
weld programs at www.weldreality.com.

When an individual has the ability to consistently control the weld quality at the highest weld productivity with a robot , that person has weld process controls and best weld practice expertise

In the 1990s, during my position as the Corporate Weld Manager for the ABB Robot Div, USA. I created the first global training programs that provided Robot MIG Weld Best Practices and Robot Weld Process Controls, unfortunately in the 199os the sebior management and engineers at most global auto - truck companies were not aware of what this subject was, and in 2016 little will have changed..





Weldreality Home Page.

In the auto - truck industry, you will find maintenance electricians, millwrights and plumbers making unqualified weld changes to robot welds. It seems someone forget to tell the management that most of these individuals know nothing about robot MIG weld process controls - best practices..

A look at the root cause reasons for global manual and robot MIG and flux cored weld process confusion.
Manual or robot MIG weld costs, who in the front office has a clue?

Lets take a look at the the global influence of SALES ADVICE on manual - robot weld quality, productivity & costs .
Why lasers dont belong in the auto - truck industry, and management and those robot & laser aluminum welds.

In large industries you will find that billions of dollars are lost each years due to lack of weld process controls and best weld practice expertise.
Why the auto - truck company management waste millions of dollars annually on the unnecessary purchase of laser weld - cutting & tracking systems.

There is no reason for a global skilled MIG - Flux Cored welder shortage.
The corporate managers / engineers at Chrysler did not have loose millions of dollars each year on a simple robot welded part.

The Ford reasons for it's robot steel fames and aluminum weld issues.
The auto management and engineering influence on the billions of dollars lost every year in vehicle recalls & law suites.

Why I would not trust any Chinese company to create products or construction projects that consistently require optimum weld quality.
Few robots daily achieve their production - quality potential.

Weldreality Home Page 2

Why Dow Chemical engineers and management are stuck in a 1960s weld time warp.
Magna technicians lots of attitude, but still lack Robot MIG Weld Process Control expertise.

What do ship yards and auto plants have in common?
Why the common global QA weld inspection practices often fail.

When US robot welds fail the solution is ship the parts to Mexico.
Nothing is more ridiculous than having the pathetic FEMA organization involved with USA weld specs.

Would Einstein's have this theory on MIG welding?
Pathetic Self Shielded flux cored wires, and a prime reason the North Ridge earth quake welds failed.

With Motoman there were always numerous robot / weld weld issues.
Another reason many robot plant - engineering managers and supervisors have raised the white flag.

For approx. four decades, most of the three part MIG gas mixes sold have simply been a CON job.

Weldreality Home Page 3

I told this Asheville Volvo plant mg. that he was wrong in wanting to hire skilled welders to run his robots.

Lawyers may want to read this section to find out how the inconsistent, poor MIG - Resistance weld quality affects vehicle crashes.

At this Volvo truck plant, automated weld quality and productivity could not be achieved with this Volvo manager and engineer?

The fear of weld process change is natural in plants in which the management and engineers responsible are not in control of the weld equipment and processes they own.

In contrast to most othe large fab shops, the ratio of engineers to shop floor workers is very high in the auto - truck industry. Yet in this vehicle industry weld best practices and the weld process controls necessary for automated weld quality - productivity optimization are typically rare or none exist ant.

Many plant or manufacturing managers will often not report the real robot weld quality and productivity costs to their corporate peers.

There are hazards and restrictions when building vehicles that are designed by engineers who would not know a good MIG or resistance weld if it was four inches from their nose.

Why Americans should give consideration the the welds before they drive across that next steel bridge.

This world's largest auto - truck wheel manufacturer produced poor and inconsistent quality robot welds and their apathetic, inexperienced management helped drive this company out of business.

Is it logical to want those that are paid to daily make manufacturing process decisions to understand the scope, accountability and responsibility of their profession?

Why did the GM senior management waste nearly a million dollars for equipment to weld the Corvette?


Weldreality Home Page 4.

Their were many weld issues in the plant and the management are again looking to blame the wrong people.

The most costly pulsed MIG Lincoln power source versus the least costly CV Lincoln MIG power source.

The Miller Maxtron and Invision helped put this global wheel mfg. into Chapter 11.

After introducing their new pulsed MIG equipment, most weld equipment manufacturers continuously made changes to the equipment without notifying their customers about the many electronic changes made and about the nagative impacts the problems have caused on welds..

Japan always made the worst MIG equipment and Japanese auto - truck weld specifications often belong in Disney Land.

Why purchase a costly pulsed MIG power source for gage metals, when in most instances the lower cost CV power source with SC is superior.

Why purchase a costly pulsed MIG power source for welding steels > 1/16, when the lower cost CV equipment with the spray mode will in most instances provide superior weld fusion, less porosity, improved arc stability and higher weld deposition rate potential.



Optimize "Manual" MIG Welds.

. Short Circuit MIG weld information. Steels < 1/8, (< 3mm).

THICKER PARTS. Spray Transfer MIG weld information
. Steels > 1/8. (> 3mm).

If you weld parts > 3 mm, you will likely utilize pulsed MIG or Spray transfer and in contrast
to the short circuit mode, the weld rules have dramatic changes.

Weld Issues & Resolutions.

Pulsed MIG weld transfer mode and equipment has caused many weld issues on steel applications.

PULSED MIG Equipment & weld Wires, evaluations & comparisons without sales influence.

You can ask a weld salesman, or get advice from someone who controlled weld processes for five decades.

Managers - Engineers - Supervisors. Reasons on the value of Weld Process Control Expertise.

If you wish to attain the highest possible weld quality - productivity, you may want to take a look here.

MIG - Flux Cored.


Its amazing what you will learn about MIG once the salesmanship is removed from MIG Gas Selection. Three of the four MIG gas mixes
that I developed in the 1990s, are now part of the top ten MIG gas mixes sold around the globe.


When asked to create a patent for large scale MIG cladd applications and alloy wires, I came up with this.

MIG ALUMINUM. Weld issues, data and

Aluminum is easy to weld, however there are unique requirements and simple resolutions especially when using robots.

ARC BLOW Resolutions.

MIG - Flux Cored. W

ED'S MIG WELD QUIZ. Test your Process Control Knowledge.

A few of Ed's global MIG & Flux Cored weld APPLICATIONS.


MIG and Flux Cored Weld Issues / Resolutions in SHIP YARDS.


Optimize "Robot" MIG welds.

How to MANAGE & OPTIMIZE ROBOT MIG weld quality & productivity. PART ONE.

This section can be the catalyst you require to implement robot weld improvements.
The shame in any company in which engineers - managers shy away from weld process ownership.

An introduction to Ed's 7 Steps to Robot Weld Process Controls.
Most Robot weld issues start in the FRONT OFFICE.

Liability consequences from the too common lack of weld process controls in robot cells.
How you can avoid the millions of dollars annually that Chrysler spent on weld repairs on one easy to weld robot application.

Robot weld issues and consequences that occur when the world's worst weld process is used.
Is your organization subjecting the employees to unnecessary Carcinogenic fumes and dust?

I could have saved Chrysler over 50 million dollars, but when Chrysler management ignored the weld advice from myself and US Steel,
I knew that this company was a hopeless case.
How to deal with the unacceptable tolerances and variables on stamped parts that will be robot welded.

Robots and galvanized / galvanized weld quality..
The management check list for when considering the purchase of a robot.

Why would any management bring a high tech laser into their plant while the employees involved with the MIG process are "playing around with the two
simple controls on a sixty year old weld process.

American Axle, Lincoln Power Wave and robot weld cracks and production issues with Ford Axles.
It pays to understand the weld issues that occur with the costly pulsed MIG equipment.

The daily necessary costs many companies derive by taking advice from a sales rep.
AG. Simpson management and engineers did not want to get involved with their GM bumper robot weld issues.

Freight Liner wanted robot weld quality - productivity improvements on robot MIG welded parts that are have a million mile warranty.
After 2 years Fanuc - Lincoln and AGA could not shed light on this robot lamp post weld problem.

What should the robot weld production quality and productivity goal be.
Why most auto - truck plants never get the resources they require for process optimization.

The global costs associated with the too common poor utilization of Robot MIG cells.

If the management / supervision does not fully understand MIG - Flux Cored weld costs, how can it control costs and optimize profits?
Where are the qualified global weld managers, engineers and supervisors?

Is your weld shop manager a fire fighter who is fed up with the endless useless weekly weld team meetings that rarely resolve issues?
Why VAW and Ford should have sued ABB - ESAB and the integrator over the poor weld performance of the ESAB Robot Arcitec power source.

Why not evaluate your MIG - Flux Cored weld process control - best practice expertise?.
Why in the last five decades, most of the global Weld Educators have failed the weld industry.

There are companies like Panasonic that make robots and MIG weld equipment, and yet the designers of their equipment obviously
lack MIG weld process control and best weld practice expertise.
Apathetic managaement and engineers lead to robot MIG weld issues on Canadian built GM bumpers.

Why the auto - truck industry manual - robot MIG weld TRAINING PROGRAMS have failed, and the simple low cost solution.

How to MANAGE and OPTIMIZE ROBOT MIG weld quality & productivity. PART TWO.

Lawyers may want to read how poor weld quality and vehicle collisions can offer great financial opportunities.
Why the Volvo truck part weld quality and productivity could not be attained with this manager and engineer.

Weld team meetings are only required when decision makers lack process control expertise.
When management recognizes the process expertise that's lacking, issues quickly dissipate.

The fear of weld process change is natural on weld shop floors, especially when weld decision makers are not in control of the processes they own.

Why many plant or manufacturing managers will not report their real robot weld quality and productivity costs to their corporate peers.
With robot cells, there should never be a need to add manual welders to compensate for robot weld issues.

With welding robots, black belts and university education is useless without robot weld process controls - best weld practice expertise.

The hazards of welding vehicles that are designed by engineers who typically would not know a good weld if it was four inches from their nose.
It's unfortunate that before they purchase, USA drivers will rarely see the welds on their base of their vehicle.

The world's largest auto - truck "wheel" manufacturer kept producing poor and inconsistent weld quality.

Why those that are paid to daily make manufacturing process decisions rarely understand the scope, accountability and responsibility of their weld applications.

Why did the
Volvo plant manager want to hire skilled welders to run his MIG welding robots?
Why did GM management
waste more than $750K when robot welding it's Corvette cars?

See the common, costly weld results when process control training is the missing link in the weld shop.
As a future managers you are interested to read how easy it is to save millions of dollars each year with large scale weld fabrication / mfg... applications.

Managing robot cells or ship yards, process expertise gets the results. Take a look at how in less than 3 months, Ed saved the Aker Kaverner, (Philadelphia Navy Yard) ship yard, millions of dollars annually through rapid flux cored - MIG weld quality - productivity improvements:

The weld disease called Globular MIG Transfer, and those guys in the front office were not even aware they had it.
What is the real weld production potential from any MIG welding robot.?

Why ISO has failed robot weld mfg.


MIG Weld Advice for that lonely, frustrated ROBOT technician.

These poor guys need all the support they can get, and there are many resolutions to their daily weld problems.

Robots. This is the Self Teaching and Training Process Control - Best Practice Resource that can change your life.


Poor manufacturing practices and poor welds as revealed throughout the global automotive and truck industry..

As the majority of the robot and manual MIG welds, and also Resistance welds are rarely optimizes in most auto - truck plants, in the 1990s I started am auto / truck industry BAD WELD Section. Note, after a decade I had to stop with this is section as the bad welds reported were endless and in 2015 nothing has changed. One thing that should frustrate any engineer or manager is why over three decades do we have the same problems with the MIG process which has two simple weld controls.




Bad Welds Bad Welds Whats Management gonna do?


The consequences of management / engineers who fail to understand the importance of weld process
controls and best weld practices that are necessary to reduce weld liability consequences..


A look across different global industries and their lack of ability to control weld quality.

Auto - Truck industry with focus on Ford Motor company mfg and weld issues,.

Auto - Truck industry. Take a look at poor mfg. practices, weld issues and recalls at Chrysler - GM - Buick - VW -
Honda - Nissan - Mitsubishi - Mini - Land Rover- Hyundai and others
in the Auto - Truck Industry.


MIG and Flux Cored Weld Issues / Resolutions in SHIP YARDS.


Optimum Flux Cored Welds without
playing arounds with weld controls:

When building oil tankers, these flux cored welds
were acceptable from the ship yard management.



Flux Cored or MIG. It's easy to save millions annually in large weld shops.

Examine how weld / fab quality - costs are out of often out of control in ship yards and with other large projects.

Flux Cored
or MIG. Pipe Welds problems and resolutions.

Flux Cored or MIG. Common Weld Defects - Weld Problems
& Weld Resolutions.

SELF SHIELDED Flux Cored Wires and the many weld Issues they generate.

SELF SHIELDED (SS) Flux Cored Wires influence on the 13 Billion dollar Northridge Earthquake

Learn why you don't use the ridiculous SS wires when you want quality welds.

Test your Gas Shielded Fllux Cored weld process knowledge with Ed's Weld Quiz.

Flux Cored Weld Issues / Resolutions in SHIP YARDS.

The importance of MIG - Flux Cored process data.



Establishing manual or auto
mated welds, the w
eld shop personnel should
be able to provide answers to simple weld questions like this?

Lets see, this is a common, automated carriage weld making a 1/4 (6 mm), MIG Spray fillet weld.
The MIG wire is 0.045 (1.2mm) and the gas mix is the common argon 80% - 20% CO2.

[] I set the MIG WF at ____.
[] The MIG weld volts will be____.
[] The carriage weld travel rate is ____.
[] The best torch angle is____ degrees.
[] The best torch push angle is ____ degrees.
[] Woops getting spatter, I better _____the volts.
[] Woops, getting undercut, I better____ the_____.
[] The weld is oversize, so I can increase the weld speed without touching the WF, so now I have to _____the weld volts.

The next weld I have to set on that automated weld carriage is with a 1/16 (1.6 mm) E70T-1 flux cored wire with a CO2 gas welding the same 1/4 fillet weld. Could you then provide the flux cored wire data

[] Set the flux cored wire feed ____ inch/min.
[] The FCA weld volts will be____.
[] The carriage weld travel rate is ____.
[] The best torch angle is____ degrees.
[] The best torch push angle is ____ degrees.
[] Woops getting spatter, I better _____the volts.
[] Woops, getting undercut, I better____ the_____.
[] The weld is a little oversize so I can increase this weld speed without touching the wire feed, so now I have to _____the weld volts.

This or any weld data would be no big deal, if you learnt my Weld Clock process control method which makes it easy for me to remember weld data for any MIG - Flux Cored consumables or weld.
Remember, if you have to ask about MIG or Flux Cored weld data, or you play around with weld controls, can you call yourself a "weld professional".

Ed's MIG & Flux Cored, Self Teaching - Training, Weld Process Control - Best Practice Resources





2015: For those interested in attaining the highest weld quality at the lowest costs, for the majority of alloy weld applications the regular TIG process should more than a decade ago have been replaced by the TiP TiG process.


TiP TiG. The world's best MANUAL - AUTOMATED ARC GTAW process for code quality or - alloy welds.
See why Ed introduced this important weld process to both North America and Australia in 2009..



If using regular GTAW for your manual welds, or Hot - Cold Wire GTAW for your automated welds, you may be wasting your money and labor resources, and also reducing your weld & part quality potential.. CHECK OUT TIP TIG.

Alloys - Properties - Weld Problems & Solutions:

. MIG - TIG Weld Data:

Stainless. MIG - TIG Weld Data:

Duplex MIG - TIG FCAW Data.

Nickel Stls
. Inconel. Incoloy. Monel. MIG - TIG Weld Data.

Titanium. TIG & TiP TiG Weld data

The worlds best manual - automated weld process for alloys, is TIP TIG.


Steels, Specifications and Code Data.

ASTM Welding, Pipes Tubes Data.

Also Pipe weld process concerns and weld code issues.

High Strength Steels / AISI Specifications and data.

CSA Standards, Steels

Tool Steels and Weld Data

Metal Welding and Forming Definitions



Oxy Fuel Cutting, Gas & data:

Info on Acetylene, Propane, Nat Gas, Propylene & Mapp Gases.


Oxy Fuels. Information and Cutting Data.

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