E Craig & O’Malley introduce TIP TIG to USA & Australia.

Ed now Em Craig bought TIP TIG to North America and Australia.

When someone makes extraordinary weld claims, you may want to know that you are not listening to another weld salesman.

This is how TIP TIG got to N. America.

2018..Welcome to a unique weld process called TIP TIG. This is an arc weld process that will enable extraordinary weld quality and productivity benefits. So someone tells you that you are about to attain knowledge on a game changing, 10 year old, patented weld process called TIP TIG, a weld process that sadly in 2018, few global weld shops are aware of. 

And that person then tells you that when TIP TIG is used on either Manual or Automated, diverse, global weld applications, this process  during the last ten years has proven that no other arc weld process can achieve the all position weld quality that TIP TIG daily attains on all position, code quality steels, alloy steels and alloy weld applications.

Note: To understand the real world benefits of TIP TIG, or for that matter any weld process, it helps if those discussing the process are aware of  the weld process controls & best weld practices required for weld quality and cost  optimization, especially with the arc weld processes that will be compared against TIP TIG.


For more than three decades, there has been an extraordinary excess of  new TIG and MIG weld power source, ineffective, electronic bells and whistles. And for approx. seventy years there has been especially slow process evolution with the traditional  DCEN TIG weld equipment. With this in mind DCEN TIG process apathy is understandable, and many would have a right to be skeptical about any major weld process claims to an important, long established weld process such as DCEN TIG.

When discussing TIG, TIP TIG and Pulsed MIG,  remember that many in the global weld industry have for decades “played  around” with  their  arc weld controls, and  many in the weld shop front offices responsible for weld equipment purchase have for decades lacked process control expertise and had to rely on the local weld sales rep for weld advice.

How many other technical industries rely on inexperienced
salesman for technical advice..

Let’s face it, many in the weld industry can reflect back on the last time they listened to some the sales pitch about the latest wonder three part MIG gas mix,  take it from me, as one of the key writers of the AWS MIG Gas Specifications, that there has never been the need for any three part MIG mix. Or perhaps they heard from a sales rep  about the latest MIG power source that offers millions of useless Pulsed MIG Waveforms for steel and alloy steel welds. Again this is a weld equip. technology that’s simply  not necessary for most steels and alloy steel welds. 

SO HOW DID THE PLASCH, AUSTRIAN INVENTED TIP TIG PROCESS, GET TO N. AMERICA & AUSTRALIA? I was more than proud around 2009 to have extensive influence on the USA – Canadian and Australian weld industry. How did this happen?  In a visit to Scotland, thanks to a young man called Darren Matherson, I found the unique  TIP TIG process at his facility. It took no more than 15 minutes for me to figure the importance of this process, and within a few months after the TIP TIG demo, back in the US I formed a new business with the assistance of a new business partner, Tom O’Malley.  Tom and I called the business TIP TIG USA.  Plasch, the inventor in Austria provided me the rights to sell this important new arc weld process in the three countries mentioned.  A few years later my cancer returned and I sold the business to To. My cancer went in to remission but as  I am passionate about welding I kept on looking at the global weld application potential for the TIP TIG process.

As you will read in my other TIP TIG blogs,  TIP TIG simply makes  the 70 year old DCEN TIG obsolete. As both a Semi-automated and Automated weld process, I will also show in my blogs that in contrast to any manual DCEN TIG welds,  automated Hot Wire TIG welds, or welds made with the most sophisticated Pulsed MIG equipment, why the TIP TIG process will  provide major weld quality, productivity and cost benefits. 


When making extraordinary weld claims, it’s logical that the reader should give consideration of the weld  process and application expertise of the person making the claims, so sorry to toot my own horn, but the following is a little about my weld background .

Hy my name used to be Ed, now its Em Craig. Welcome to both my weld blog and also to the  twenty plus year old weld process control website, weldreality.com. 

It’s  20018, and this year I have spent 57 years solving arc weld issues,  and providing weld process controls – best weld practices training for  over a 1000 weld shops. I did this in more than a 1000 weld shops in 13 countries, and yes I am still learning and working.  


In  my visits to numerous global weld shops that requested my help with either their manual or robot MIG – TIG – FCA – Plasma or laser weld issues, after rapidly solving the weld quality & productivity issues, I then would take an unusual approach with the responsible front office management and engineers. I would point out to the daily weld decision makers,  that if a Captain can take full engineering ownership of a ship, then it’s only logical that front office and weld shop floor decision makers, who by the way have much less engineering demands than any ship captain or ship engineer, should at least understand the simple process control expertise necessary for arc weld process OWNERSHIP.


With CV MIG and flux cored, we have  two weld processes that accounts for more than 80% of the arc welds produced daily. When welding steels and alloy steels, these processes have two simple, prime weld controls on weld equipment that has changed little in many decades.

A GLOBAL WELD SHOP ISSUE. For decades while the weld industry typically placed focus on welder skills, little  focus was placed on the MIG – FCA weld process  controls – best weld practice expertise. For me, this created a life time of opportunities. On my visits to hundreds of weld shops, apart from solving a companies weld quality or productivity issues, I would also invite both the responsible front office personnel  and the welders to attend  one my one day long  gospel sessions.  A “Weld Process Controls – Best Weld Practice” Training  Program.


So before we get into the TIP TIG process which of course requires a MAJOR  CHANGE for any weld shop. I would strongly encourage weld shops to think more about the importance and  cost value of weld process controls & best weld practice expertise. And also in the highly competitive global weld business, to think about the importance of CHANGE that is necessary to enables a weld shop to be ahead of the weld curve in a highly competitive industry.

WHY WOULD ANY WELD SHOP IGNORE an arc weld technology such as TIP TIG that  enables numerous major weld quality, productivity   and weld cost benefits.

ON THE SUBJECT OF CHANGE.  In 2013,  I decided at the ripe old age of 67, to do some serious changes with my own life. So after thinking about it daily for at least 63 years, I  changed my gender from Ed to Emily, those that still talking to me,  now call me Em.  

I have had a wonderful career in welding.  At one time for 18 years I gave weld process control advice to over 80,000 readers each month in the QA section of Weld Design & Fabrication Magazine. 

I wrote and had published  approx. 40 weld articles in global weld magazines and twenty plus ago I created weldreality.com, the world’s largest website on manual – robot weld process controls – best weld practices

On my weld shop journey, I wrote three weld process control books, and also wrote the Arc Weld section of Machinery Handbook. Around the same time, I wrote the Laser – Plasma – Oxy Fuel, (Thermal Cutting Sections) in the American Society Metals, Ninth Edition  and created four weld patents.

At WSI, now Aquilex, Atlanta GA, I was the Weld Engineer Manager. Each year we would  use over a million pounds of Inconel and stainless MIG – TIG wires for manual and automated welds for nuclear power  plant repairs and for cladding on global power station water walls. In contrast to what WSI had produced for years, my Clad Weld Patent provided them with far superior MIG clad quality at weld deposition rates over 15 lb/hr and  I dramatically reduced their costly clad weld consumable costs per clad sq. foot by 28%. 
I als0 developed unique manual MIG – FLux Cored  – Advanced AC TIG – TIP TIG plus the world’s first Robot MIG  weld Process Control – Best Weld Practice training programs.

I was also a  key AWS member that wrote the AWS.  MIG  & Plasma Weld Gas Specifications. Plus a key advisor on the development of the AWS Flux Cored Welding Specification. 

MANUAL OR ROBOT WELDS, IT DID NOT MATTER WHEN YOU CAN APPLY WELD PROCESS CONTROLS AND BEST WELD PRACTICES.. You don’t get  asked to come to the below global fortune 500 plants to provide robot or manual weld resolutions to their iconic vehicles, unless these companies believe you had the weld process control application expertise necessary to be able to achieve what their own engineers and managers could not achieve.

  • A few of my weld positions.
  • ABB Flexible Automation Robotics. North American Weld Mgr.
  • Union Carbide. Cryogenic – Heavy Water Div. Weld Mgr.
  • Aker Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Weld Mgr.
  • Weld Services Inc. Weld Mgr.
  • Linde (Praxair) Canada. Weld Training Mgr.
  • Airgas Weld Supplies, USA Weld Equip. & Training Mgr.
  • Shawinigan Engineering Canada. Project Weld & QA Mgr. on Construction of Africa’s largest power station.
  • AGA USA, Weld Equip – Consumables Marketing – Training Mgr 
  • Atomic Energy Canada. Nuclear Weld Research.
  • Weld Institute Canada. Research Engineer.
  • United Technology Weld Eng. Advisor Orion Mars Space Shuttle.

I can’t walk down a street without
seeing products in which I improved the welds.

A few of the products that I was asked to resolve weld issues and provide robot weld quality improvements.

As the weld manager at ABB Robotics and also later as a weld process control consultant, I  providing Robot MIG weld solutions to the majority of the world’s leading auto and tier one companies. At the other end of the weld spectrum, I spent four years in Nuclear weld research. I was  also the weld manager for a US shipyard and provided weld advice to  the shipyard building Canadian Navy Frigates. I was also asked to advice the shipyard that welded British Submarines. The TIP TIG process that my partner Tom and I introduced to Australia,  has in 2018 been selected as the arc weld process of choice  by the Australian government for making weld repairs on their submarines. Recently I provided TIG, Plasma, Laser and EB weld design advice for the Orion, Moon / Mars  Space Shuttle.

My TIG – EB weld joint design advice will affect the welds on a space shuttle that will go where no man has gone before.

In 2017… For a short time at United Technologies, Em had the privilege of being asked to provide TIG and EB weld joint design advice for parts to be used on the Orion, space shuttle. A  vehicle in the years to come that’s destined to end up at the Space Station, the Moon, and one day Mars. 


When you teach process controls with MIG you will generate weld spatter with each weld transfer mode and then show weld personnel how to eliminate it

Sorry for the long introduction. I hope my weld  credibility is now established and welcome again, this time no confusion, my name is Em Craig.  No matter what you think about my gender change actions, it does not bother me, however I will inform you that during my gender change, they did not cut my brain out, and the weld facts that in fifty years went into that brain, have allowed me to write over two million words on controlling MIG – TIG – Flux cored TIG and TIP TIG remain embedded. 

One thing the  gender change did however provide me with. For the first time in my life an awareness of the importance in life to taking time out to smell the roses. And my last comment on my change is this. If you were a nice person with a brain full of a million plus weld facts before a gender change,  you will be an even nicer person with a brain still full of a million weld facts after that gender change.

As you consider the following TIP TIG blog data, please keep in mind that from an engineering perspective,  lack of  acceptance of practical and cost effective weld process evolution and weld  process apathy should not be considered acceptable in weld shops, especially those weld shop in the high tech,  Aerospace, Defence, Power, Nuclear, Medical and Oil – Nat Gas industries. 


TIP TIG is not simply a manual semi-automated weld process, it’s also an excellent  fully Automated weld process. In contrast to regular Manual DCEN TIG, or to Automated Hot Wire TIG welds, the TIP TIG process will dramatically enable superior weld  quality and provide the best possible weld & part metallurgical properties. TIP TIG will reduce DCEN TIG weld costs typically in the range of 200 – 400%.  TIP TIG will also dramatically reduce the TIG welder skill requirements, and always provide the least possible weld distortion and weld fumes.

As TIP TIG is the best manual or automated, arc weld process for any ASME welds,  after a decade of being available, the world’s largest Nuclear Waste Site found out,  the weld benefits that are attained from the TIP TIG process. 

 As Bechtel at the WA. Hanford, Nuclear Waste Treatment plant found out, when the highest possible weld quality, the shortest weld times,and reduced welder skills are beneficial, they turned to TIP TIG.  Now if only the rest of Bechtel management and engineers could figure out the daily weld quality – costs benefits that they could attain on most of their projects, if they went the TIP TIG way.


2018. For almost five years now I have no affiliation with the TIP TIG company and receive no revenue from them.  I am simply over excited and passionate about the  weld application potential  of this important process, and  with my blogs hope to pass this info. on to to anyone interested.

So when you have a moment, why not take a visit to my  TIP TIG,  blogs to figure out  the technical answers on  why TIP TIG is superior to DCEN TIG, Hot Wire TIG and Pulsed MIG on numerous applications.

Also if you have an interest in weld process controls and best weld practices, take a look at my Manual MIG – Robot MIG – Flux Cored – Advanced AC TIG and TIP TIG Self Teach – Training materials at www.weldreality.com.