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TIP TIG Global Contacts and Weld Website Links.

TIP TIG USA is responsible for sales in
North & South America and Australia.

TIP TIG is located at The Philly Navy Yard.
1901 Kitty Hawk Ave. Building 68 Philadelphia. PA 19112.

In North America if you don't have a TIP TIG location in your region contact,

TIP TIG Parts or Quotes call Nick at 856 373 0439 - 215 389 7700.

Interested in being a TIP TIG dealer call Tom at 215 285 3713.

TIP TIG Weld Application Questions Day - Evening 828 337 2695.

E-mail. ed@tiptigusa.com - tom@tiptigusa.com - nick@tiptigusa.com

Visiting TIP TIG we have Special Hotel Discount Rates for TIP TIG customers:

Contact Priyanka Saran for reservations at any of the following hotels, they are all at the same location. When you call mention TIP TIG to recieve the discount. You can get a shuttle from the Airport and we can pick you up at the hotel or you can take a taxie so there is no need for a car rental or worry about parking

Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport - www.sheraton.com
FourPoints Sheraton Philadelphia Airport - wwwfourpoints.com
Aloft Philadelphia Airport - www.alofthotels.com

All of these hotels are located on the same grounds at 4101 Island Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19153, thats 5 minutes from Airport and 15 minutes from TIP TIG at the Navy Yard which is about 10 minutes from the center of down town Phily. For hotel reservations telephone Priyanka at - 215-220-4651 / Facsimile 215-220-4626

or Email - Priyanka.Saran@sheraton.com. Dont forget mention TIP TIG and ask for the free breakfast if you stay at the Sheraton Suites. The Sheraton rate is approx $130 a night..



TIP TIG sales or information for Europe and Middle East

Contact Darren Mathieson he will be glad to help you or send you to the right person.

Darren Mathieson.
TIP TIG UK. Ayr Road,
Galston. Ayrshire.
Scotland. United Kingdom. KA4 8LE
Phone. +44 (0)1563 820505.


Jeremy Wright. Arc Innovations.
Phone: 780-437-4502
Mobile: 780-886-6642
Fax: 780-432-2420

For Eastern Canada sales contact ed@tiptigusa.com.

TIP TIG Western Australian
Anthony Squire. 0459 150 338.



TIP TIG Eastern Australian.

Direct 03 5332 5312 Tel 1800 734 000
Fax 03 5338 2033 Email brad@sfiaust.com.au.

Web site. www.sfiaust.com.au

SFI Australia
PO Box 1337
Bakery Hill
Victoria 3354

TIP TIG New Zealand


Lewis Kelly
Southquip Industrial
9 Wood Street
PO Box 52
NEW ZEALANDP: +64 (3) 218 4168 F: +64 (3) 218 4164
E: lewis@southquip.co.nz

Enquires , Demonstrations , Sales
Free call 0800 741 241
Samuel Kelly 021 220 1412


In an age of reliance on weld salesmanship for technical weld advice and too many useless bells and whistles in weld shops, Ed Craig who has spent a life time testing weld products as a marketing and training manager for Airgas, AGA, Praxair and Liquid Carbonic, recommends the following manufacturers of Weld Products:

TIP TIG links to
the following :


good stainless consumable mfg.

supplier of alloys for difficult applications.

good manufacturer of brazing alloys

flux cored wire for the forging, alloy fabricating, high temperature, corrosion, and abrasion industry

ESAB good honest products especially Dual Shield E71T-1
argon CO2 flux cored wires which I rate as excellent.

Best CO2 flux cored E71T-1 wires and best stainless flux cored.

OTC are the best value in available pulsed equipment in the USA

One favourite product from this company E70S-3 L50 MIG wire. Be wary of any TIG or MIG weld equipment that invites welders to play around with wave forms.

Good flux cored wires

Excellent stainless and alloy weld wires, products you can rely on as long as the product is made within the company.

This company makes excellent MIG manual and robot torches,
also great is you need a one off custom torch.

Home of Victor - Tweeco - Stoody - ArcAir and Thermal Dynamic,
I do not like the Themal Arc weld eqy uipment

Unusual weld wires

cored wires and hard facing

Most cost effective way to purchase, understand and manage weld codes Canada.

Most cost effective way to purchase, understand and manage weld codes USA.


For weld and speciality gas info this is a new site.

I like their proven products such as their weld generators, the Delta Weld CV MIG equipment, and Dynasty TIG equipment.

Note: Ref purchasing new weld equipment. Many weld equipment manufacturers rush their electronic MIG equipment to weld shops before the equipment has been tested thoroughly. It's likely that when you need it most, this equipment may not perform as promised or break down and you then have to rush the equipment back to weld equipment manufacturer.

To minimize your MIG weld equipment issues and costly equipment repairs, ensure that the weld equipment you intend to purchase has been proven in weld shops for at least 2 years. Remember also that regular MIG equipment used to last at least 10 years so consider that the highly touted 12 - 36 month warranty on your new equipment is simply a lack of confidence from the equipment manufacturer.
Visit MIG equipment issues at www.weldreaality.com

Without question one of the most qualified welding
robot integrators in North America.

European distributor information on the unique automated
MIG Spray Transit Antispatter System. Sprays antispatter through the MIG gun, good for those weld shops that lack an understanding of the fundamental weld process controls necessary to avoid weld spatter in the first place.

Welding Supplies & Welding Equipment in England.


ASM International: www.asminternational.org



American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME):

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE): www.sae.org

American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI): www.steel.org

Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA):

International Institute of Welding (IIW):

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