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MIG Welding Book, Management
A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality, Productivity and Costs

Gas Metal Arc Welding Book
Manual and Robotic (MIG) Gas Metal Arc Welding Book

MIG and Flux Core Welding Book
Flux Cored and MIG weld process controls

Manual MIG Welding Book
Manual MIG Welding Process Control

(Also in Spanish)
" Proceso de Soldadur MIG Manual "

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Robot Welding CD
Robot MIG welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding CD
Manual MIG Welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

Flux Core Welding CD
Flux Cored Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding Process Controls
DVD Film "MIG Process Controls Made Simple"

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MIG Welding Training Materials


A common problem for both American and Canadian welding manufactures is the shortage of skilled trades. Manual welders in both countries are in short supply. The aggressive growth in arc welding robots is also aggravating the weld employment issues. Many manufactures of welded parts are at or will soon be at a manpower crossroad. The training paths these companies select can have an important influence on their future prosperity and growth.

Many manufacturing managers learn the hard way that when it comes to MIG welding, robots do not have the same ability as the welders. Yes a MIG robot can readily produce superior weld quality than the manual welder, however this only occurs when the robot programmer has the required the necessary MIG process control data and has of course robot expertise.

When reviewing the welding workforce requirements, a company that produces welded parts has several options.

[a] Should the company keep its workforce at the same size and provide more welding automation?

[b] Should the company rely on the local community trade school to provide the skills it’s welders require?

[c] Should the company move or open a new facility in another state or country, such as China, Mexico or Brazil?

Perhaps your company could use a logical and cost effective approach to enhancing weld productivity and minimizing weld rework. The company could use one of Ed's unique, customized weld best practices and process control training courses or resources. The resources listed below will dramaticaly increase your robot / manual weld efficiency from your existing workforce or weld automation.

Welcome to Ed's MIG / FCAW. Weld Best Practices
and Weld Process Control Training Resources:




I Resolve Numerous Weld Problems with a Phone Call.

If you are looking for honest, practical solutions to your manual or automated, weld, corrosion, erosion, quality, productivity, design or metallurgical issues. For a small fee of $375, in a few hours using the phone and E-mail, I will resolve many of your weld issues.

If you wish me to visit your facility, I will quickly address the primary root causes of all your robot and manual your weld process issues. I will establish the required "best weld practices" and provide the requirements for highly effective "weld process controls". I will make adjustments to the robots and optimize the weld data. I will provide the necessary process control training that should enable robot rework of less than 2 % with a production increase typically in the range of 20 to 50%.
I can improve your part or robot cell design, solve your metallurgical issues or possibly create a unique weld approach for a possible patent. Fee $1275 daily pus exp



Phone Ed at North Carolina. USA.
828 658 3574 day or evening. Cell 770 330 9933.
E-mail Ed at ecraig@weldreality.com.





Best Weld Practices and Weld Process Controls cannot
be implemented without Process Control Training.

Ed has developed the world's most effective MIG /
Flux Cored, Manual / Robot Weld Process Control
Training and Educational Resources.




[a] Book:
"A Management, Supervisors & Engineer's Guide to MIG Weld Quality, Productivity and Costs"

The most comprehensive book ever written on the total process requirements necessary to establish MIG Weld Best Practices and Weld Process Controls.

Written by Ed Craig.

Cost $160. Order Here




[b] Book: "Gas Metal Arc and Flux Cored Welding"

Ed presents a unique simple approach to manual weld parameter selection for both
MIG and the Flux Cored process.

Written by Ed Craig.

Cost $80. Order Here



From: "Dave Helliwell" <djhelliweld@hotmail.com

Hi Ed. I Just wanted to say thanks for the welding books, the weld process control advice
in them is priceless. Thanks a Million. David.

[c] Book: "Manual and Robot Gas Metal Arc Welding"

Setting optimum robot or manual MIG weld parameters? The unique Clock Method presented is a simple approach to the selection of optimum MIG parameters for any carbon steels or stainless applications. Once you read this 160 page book there is no reason for playing around with the MIG weld controls. This has to be the world's most effective Self Teaching MIG Weld Process Control Training book. Try it with the following video.

Written by Ed Craig.

Cost $80. Order Here


For those of you that wonder about the level your MIG weld process
knowledge, why not test your self



[d] Video. "MIG Process Control Made Simple".

Available also in DVD format.

No more playing around with the MIG equipment weld controls. Ed developed over three decades The "MIG Clock Method" . This is the world's most unique and simple approach to setting optimum MIG, short circuit, and spray data for any steel or stainless applications. Just present this one hour video to your employees and bring a uniform approach to attaining optimum weld quality and productivity for your shop.

Produced by Ed Craig.

Cost $125. It's $85 when ordered with
any other product. Order Here



Bring Process Uniformity and Control to your weld shop.

Best MIG Weld Practices and Weld Process Controls
can be implemented with the following
MIG Process Control Training CDs.


[e] A Unique Power Point Training Program on a CD.

"Manual MIG Best Weld Practices and
Weld Process Controls"

Produced by Ed Craig.

Cost $275. Order Here.


Please note: The skill levels and experience of your weld work force has nothing to do with Process Control Training.

Ed took over 2000 hours to develop this MIG training program suited for all carbon steels, alloy steels and stainless applications.

The Power Point CD program enables weld shop process uniformity and provides the opportunity for consistent weld quality along with a dramatic potential reduction in weld costs.

Step 1: Weld Best Practices

[a] Look around your weld shop and count the many different types of MIG power sources your company has purchased. Should you purchase an Inverter, a Pulsed power source or regular CV equipment. One MIG power source for the shop, improves operator familiarity, simplifies weld process training, reduces weld equipment cost and reduces maintenance concerns. This program cuts through the weld equipment salesmanship and provides the optimum MIG equipment for your organization.

This program shows you how to save up to 50% on your weld equipment purchases.

[b] Reduce the weld consumables and gas mixes used in the shop.

This program shows you how one weld wire and one gas mix can provide the highest possible weld quality and productivity.

Step 2: Weld Process Controls.

[a] For more than five decades weld personnel have played around with MIG weld controls. This program provides a unique, simple approach to weld mode and parameter selection for any carbon steel or stainless applications.

[b] If you have looking for a simple approach to weld cost analysis and weld cost control , this is it.

Welding carbon steels or stainless sheet metals to any steel thickness, this training provides many cost effective benefits:

[] PROCESS OPTIMIZATION: Welders will fully understand the optimum weld parameter ranges of short circuit, spray and the pulsed process and will be aware of when to switch from one mode to another.

[] WELD QUALITY: Welders will be aware of the potential weld issues before they weld and use their process expertise to ensure consistent, optimum quality and minimum weld rework.

[] OPTIMUM PRODUCTIVITY: All weld personnel will know on any application how to attain maximum weld deposition rates that will ensure optimum daily weld productivity.

[] UNIFORM CORRECT TECHNIQUES: All weld personnel will use a uniform approach to MIG weld process opt
imization and instead of using inappropriate stick weld techniques, all will l use the most effective MIG weld techniques necessary to minimize the opportunity for weld rework,

To present this four hour program requires no weld process control expertise. You simply present the slides to your weld personnel. As welding is an important function in your organization ENSURE include all weld decision makers, welders, technicians, supervisors, engineers, QA personnel and managers. In four hours you have the keys necessary for the implementation of cost effective manual MIG Best Weld Practices and MIG Weld Process Controls.

For questions call Ed at 828 658 3574 or e-mail ecraig@weweldreality.com.

Use item D above for your complete training program.

Cost $275. Order Here.






[g] A Power Point Training Program on a CD.

"Seven Steps to Robot MIG Weld Best
Practices and Process Controls:

Produced by Ed Craig. Rev. 05/07.

Cost $375. Order Here


Ed took over 2500 hours to develop t
his unique
CD Power Point Training Program.

Place this comprehensive CD in your computer and you have all the data necessary to address your plant's robot MIG weld quality / productivity issues on any carbon steels, alloy steels or stainless robot applications.

Ed simplifies the requirements for robot MIG weld process optimization and provides unique weld process solutions to those numerous robot welding issues.

Note: The weld decision maker who presents this Power Point presentation need minimal weld process expertise.

The robot Down Time and Robot Efficiency Potential (REP) data that's presented in this program is extremely beneficial, as the global REP average for robot MIG welding is only 60%.

This program provides unique process solutions that show how to consistently attain over 98% Robot Efficiency Potential and less than 2% Robot Weld Rework.

WELD REWORK: In a few hours the training instantly provides the solutions to

[] Robots and Weld Start Issues.
[] Robots and Weld Burn Through.
[] Robots and Wire Burn backs.
[] Robots and Tip Issues.
[] Robots and Weld Crater Issues.
[] Robots and Weld Arc Start Instability.
[] Robots and Inconsistent Welds.
[] Robots and Poor Weld Profiles.
[] Robots and Excess spatter.
[] Robots and Crater issues.
[] Robots and Lack of Weld Fusion.
[] Robots, Porosity and Weld Cracks.

MANY VARIABLES EFFECT ROBOT WELD EFFICIENCY POTENTIAL: Being aware of the factors that influence your real world weld robot weld efficiency , and providing the solutions, can drive down your robot weld production costs typically by 25 to 50%. This program provides the 7 steps necessary for maximum Robot Weld Efficiency Potential. (REP).

[] Robots and Weld Cost: Weld costs goes way beyond the price of the welding consumables. Ed presents a very simple practical approach any one can apply for both Weld Cost Analysis and Weld Cost Control.

[] Robots and Cycle Times: The program shows you how to optimize robot cycle times. Once applied, typically you can anticipate a 20 to 50% increase in your daily robot weld productivity.

[] Robots and Weld Rework: The annual global robot MIG weld rework costs easily surpasses 1 billion dollars each year. This program provides the information necessary for any company to attain a daily robot weld rework
of < 2%.

[] Designers and Lack of Weld Process Awareness: If designers receive this training they could actually design robot parts and fixtures that enhance the opportunity for increased robot weld quality and productivity.

[] Robots and Understanding the Welding Process: Many of the global individuals who run robots are simply "operating a process", rather than in control of that process. You cannot implement Best Weld Practices or establish Weld Process Controls without the comprehensive Robot Weld Process Control data provided in this unique, yet simple training program.

[] MIG Equipment: For every 10 power sources your company purchased for those robot cells, this program shows you how you could have saved up to $50,000.00. The training also makes you aware of why Inverters and Pulsed MIG equipment can enhance weld quality on some applications and have dramatic negative weld quality impact on other applications.

[] Robots and Weld Consumable Selection: The majority of automotive plants use the wrong size weld wires which dramatically impact the daily weld quality and productivity. Get the consumable facts for the different wire diameters and their suitability for the specific weld transfer modes, deposition rate potential (robot travel rates) and applications.

[] Robots and Weld Process Calibration: Few global robots have received correct robot / power source calibration. From a weld manufacturing quality and liability potential, I hope you understand the importance of this subject. Ed provides the real world contractual calibration requirements that should be applied when you order those robots.

[] Robots. Deposition Rates and High Speed Welds: Ed has patents on items that enhance single wire MIG weld production. He has extensive expertise in maximizing robot weld productivity. While some companies look to invest over $100,000.00 on Twin wire weld equipment to attain typical weld deposition , rates of approx. 20 lb/hr, Ed shows you how to attain up to 18 lb/hr using a single MIG wire.


[] What is the wire feed start point for spray transfer with that 0.045, (1.2mm) or that 0.035 (1 mm) E70S-6 carbon steel wire? What thickness do you use this wire feed setting on?

[] Increasing robot weld speed. Do you increase or decrease voltage. Why?
[] Why is it a waste of money to use a three part gas mix for steel and stainless?
[] Why be concerned with weld fusion with that Inverter power source on that 3/8 (10 mm) steel or stainless application?
[] What is the normal weld deposition rate for a 1/4 (6 mm) fillet weld?
[] At what parameters do an 0.045 (1.2 mm) steel wire change from short circuit to globular?
[] How can you attain 18 lb/hr weld deposition rate with the MIG process and what application is this suited to?
[] Welding carbon steels or stainless, when should you switch from short circuit, pulsed or spray?

[] If that pulsed weld was inconsistent, or you needed superior weld fusion, could you immediately provided the optimum spray transfer wire feed, voltage and travel speed and produce a spray weld that provides superior weld fusion, a weld that provides the same cycle time or even better weld production?

[] If that spray weld was causing distortion, could you provide a pulsed weld that produces lower weld energy without lowering the weld speeds?

[] If that short circuit weld was not optimum, what pulsed current or wire feed setting would you utilize so you don't burn through the part and you maintain or improve weld production.|

Once you purchase this CD, your weld personnel will no longer "play around" with weld controls and your organization will have the tools necessary to provide a consistent, uniform approach to recognizing the root cause of your daily weld issues. When you provide the Seven Steps necessary for robot weld optimization, you are ready to implement Robot Best Weld Practices and Robot Weld Process Controls.

Consider items C and D (above) with this training CD:

Cost $375. Order Here

This program is applicable to all robot and "manual" carbon steel / stainless welds, produced by either MIG or Pulsed MIG. If you need more data on any of the programs or resources call Ed at North Carolina 828 658 3574 - 770 330 9933, or E-mail. Ecraig@weldreality.com.

E-mail July 06: To Ed Craig:

Jan 2007: Ed I wanted to send update about that E-Town Dana plant that you visited a few years ago: As you know on your first visit to this plant, our robot lines were producing less than 40 truck frames per-hour and the majority required extensive weld rework. Thanks to your weld process and consumable recommendations the results from our employees are today staggering. Yesterday this plant hit very close to a record of 76 frames jobs per hour. We daily attain our average goal of one frame per-minute. We had two recent weld audits. One weld audit had a total of two failures, and the 2nd weld audit was the first 100% pass weld audit in the history of the F-150 line. We have now implemented your robot weld process recommendations in five of our USA plants

Many thanks!

A Grateful Employee
Dana Corporation.

From PL England.


I have just read your Chrysler Neon article regarding the cross members and self shielded flux cored wire issues. I fully endorse your views and comments. Its a shame that many "weld engineers" in the automotive industry lack the actual knowledge and skills to fulfill this critical role. I myself am a welding engineer for a tier one supplier to the UK auto industry and see this too often. As an engineer and also time served boilermaker, I feel that there is a tremendous lack of MIG weld process knowledge and experience with the welding and engineering personnel in the auto industry. I must also thank you for your books 'A Management & Engineering Guide to MIG and the great MIG Training' materials. We as a company refer to them regularly. Cheers

PL - England.




Bring Process Uniformity and Control to your weld shop.
Best FCAW Weld Practices and Weld Process Controls
can be implemented with the following
Process Control Training Resources.



[f] A Unique Flux Cored Power Point Training Program on a CD.

[f] "Gas Shielded Flux Cored" Pipe and Plate Welds: Best Weld Practices and Weld Process Controls"

Produced by Ed Craig.

Cost $275 Order Here.

This CD training program is the most comprehensive weld process control resource ever developed for the Gas Shielded Flux Cored weld process. Developed for all positions, Carbon Steels / Low Alloy Steels / Stainless Pipe and Plate Welds. Also included is a short circuit / STT / RMD MIG section on welding pipe open roots.

An incredible Weld Process Control Training Resource.

Worried about your vee grooves, plate, pipe, flux cored weld rework, weld repair costs, weld productivity and product liability?

Do you weld all position, plate, pipe, pressure vessels, oil storage tanks, construction, heavy equipment, large fabrications, bridges, structural steels, ships? Do you weld on vee groove applications with open roots, or roots with steel or ceramic backing?

This program updated monthly presents unique, cost affective, solutions to over sized weld gaps.

The Clock Method developed by Ed shows the four settings that can produce optimum flux cored weld quality / productivity on all steel applications. Highly skilled welders will stop playing with their weld controls and inexperienced welders will within a few days have the ability to weld any flux cored application.

You will worry less about lack of weld fusion, excess porosity, weld cracks, or slag inclusions as this program teaches the weld personnel how to avoid the weld defects before they occur. This unique flux cored weld program provides the Best Weld Practice and Process Control requirement necessary for any welding shop that wants to be at the top of what it does.

It took over 500 hours to develop this very unique training program.

If you want a fast track training program this is it. If your weld personnel apply the unique flux cored Weld Process Controls, Best Weld Practices, Skills and Techniques provided in this program, you will see dramatic improvements in your manual flux cored weld quality and productivity.

More data on the world's most unique
Flux Cored Process Control Training Program. Click


E-mail Feb 2007

Ed. I have read book about FCAW weld parameters and reviewed the CD flux cored training slides many times. The methods in which you address the root cause of the common flux cored weld issues is unique and makes complete sense. Your program simplifies the requirements for all position plate and pipe welds, and made those difficult ceramic backed vee groove applications one less thing to worry about. I have learned many things that give me a better understanding of how to quickly correct the weld issues and set the weld equipment for the many variables that occur. By the way you are correct most of these welders I work with know little about how to set machine correctly. Because of their improper parameters and techniques they daily create lack of fusion, porosity and slag issues. What's ironic is after they repair the welds, they then create more of the same weld problems. Thanks again for the flux cored book and CD.

253 405 6414

Cost $275 Order Here.


This group is part of the 300 ship yard welders who went
through Ed's flux cored process training program.

Jan 2007: Ed and Tom (blue sweaters) provided Weld Process Control
Training, for Aker. This company builds oil tankers.
Location: Excel Weld Training Center, the Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard.



In the nineteen nineties, Ed was asked to establish Best flux cored and MIG Weld Practices and Process Controls for the SMAW pipe line welders employed by Imperial Oil, Alberta.

The one day process control training program provided dramatically improved the pipe weld quality / productivity. Imperial engineers reported that this eight hour training program produced an annual cost savings of more than one million dollars for this one pipe crew.





Ed whas resolved over 200 global companies weld issues on the phone.

If you are having robot issues that affect your weld quality productivity or down time, or if you want the best method and procedure for those manual welds, call Ed at 828 658 3574, (eastern standard time USA). The one day weld resolution fee is $375 paid with Visa or MC.

If you wish for him to attend your manual or robot weld issues at your facility the daily fee is $1275.

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