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MIG Welding Book, Management
A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality, Productivity and Costs

Gas Metal Arc Welding Book
Manual and Robotic (MIG) Gas Metal Arc Welding Book

MIG and Flux Core Welding Book
Flux Cored and MIG weld process controls

Manual MIG Welding Book
Manual MIG Welding Process Control

(Also in Spanish)
" Proceso de Soldadur MIG Manual "

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Robot Welding CD
Robot MIG welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding CD
Manual MIG Welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

Flux Core Welding CD
Flux Cored Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding Process Controls
DVD Film "MIG Process Controls Made Simple"

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TIP TIG Welding is always better quality than TIG and 100 to 500% faster with superior quality than TIG - MIG - FCAW.


Order this Welding Training CDOrder this Welding Training CDOrder this Welding Training CD

A training resource to establish

Manual MIG Best Weld Practices
and Weld Process Controls

Produced by Ed Craig.


Please note: The weld skill levels and experience of your weld work force has nothing to do with the requirements of MIG Weld Process Controls.


Item 3."The Manual MIG Best Weld Practices
& Process Controls Training Package".

[4a] Training CD: "Manual MIG Best Weld Practices
and Process Controls"

4b] Book: "Manual MIG including Pulsed"

[4c] DVD film: "Manual MIG Process Controls Made Simple"

Items 3a/b/c. Cost $395.

It must be frustrating for managers who believe in a uniform controlled approach to weld manufacturing to see weld personnel "playing around" with their weld controls.

Ed took over 2000 hours to develop this manual MIG process control resource. This program is suited for all MIG welds on carbon steels, alloy steels and stainless applications. The 280 page Power Point CD, requires approx. eight hours to present and enables a uniform approach to MIG weld shop process optimization attaining consistent weld quality at the lowest possible weld costs.

Many weld shops work with weld procedures and most weld shops will have variables that can influence the weld quality and productivity. The question is, how optimum are those weld procedures and how do the weld personnel react to the variables that daily impact their weld quality or productivity?

[] EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS THE ROOT CAUSE OF WELD DEFECTS: Imagine a weld shop in which all the manual MIG weld personnel are aware of the root causes for the MIG weld defects and those and these individuals have the MIG process control capability necessary to instantly change and optimize the weld settings to minimize the opportunity for weld defects.

[] EVERYONE COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDS THE PROCESS: Imagine a weld shop in which all weld personnel will select t the most suitable weld transfer mode and instantly set optimum, spatter free, MIG short circuit, globular, pulsed or spray parameters for any MIG weld wire on any steel or stainless parts.

[] EVERYONE KNOWS THE WELD DEPOSITION RATE POTENTIAL: Imagine a weld shop in which all weld personnel are aware of the optimum MIG weld settings that deliver maximum weld deposition rates for any application.


This process control training package presents the "MIG Clock Method" which Ed developed over three decades. The MIG process control Clock Method provides a unique, EASY approach for weld personnel to remember the weld data necessary to attain optimum MIG quality / productivity on any steels, alloy steels, stainless, nickel or aluminum applications. The program also provides the most comprehensive training approach to MIG "weld defect prevention"

[3a] The Training CD.

"Manual" MIG Best Weld Practices
and Weld Process Controls"


This Power Point CD, will lead your weld team in the simplification of optimum, MIG weld
short circuit, spray, globular and pulsed manual applications.
You will experience instant, manual MIG weld quality and productivity improvements from this program. As this program increases the operators confidence in controlling the weld transfer modes, you will also find this program dramatically decreases the time required for MIG training.

ring all your weld decision makers to a conference or training room. Place this CD in the laptop. Project the program to the screen. In eight hours everyone has the necessary manual MIG data to establish Best Weld Practices and implement Weld Process Controls.

[] Weld settings for optimum short circuit, globular, spray or pulsed welds is made simple.

[] This training resource is the only global resource available that provides your organization with the reasons and logic, why you should have concerns when you utilize pulsed MIG, Inverters or multipurpose welding equipment on carbon steel and stainless applications > 7 mm.

[] The root cause of all of your potential weld defects are graphically revealed and the practical cost affective process control resolutions are provided.

[] Weld costs are driven by understanding the relationships between the application, the weld consumables,
the weld transfer modes and the wire feed rates utilized. This program simplifies that process relationship and provides weld personnel with the expertise necessary to attain optimum, weld deposition rates on all applications.

few hours with this unique manual MIG welder training program and the
weld results will be immediate in your weld shop.

[] No more weld personnel "playing around" with their weld controls.
[] Costly weld defects and rejects greatly reduced.
[] No more time
wasting, argumentative meetings on trying to resolve those weld issues.
[] No need to spend extra dollars on weld equipment loaded with useless bells and whistles.
[] No need for all those different gas mixes and no need for those costly 3 part gas mixes or metal cored wires.

What you will have, is a highly competitive weld shop in which all the weld personnel and all the weld decision makers take a uniform approach to weld process controls and all weld personnel daily walk the same path to the achievement of delivering optimum, manual MIG weld quality and productivity.

This CD training program provides many cost effective benefits:


PROCESS OPTIMIZATION:For more than five decades, when establishing weld parameters or dealing with the common weld variables that influence weld quality and productivity, most weld personnel will "play around" with their MIG weld controls.

This CD program provides a unique, easy to remember method to optimize manual weld parameter selection for any weld transfer mode on 1 mm to any thickness, carbon steels, alloy steels or stainless applications.

Welders will fully understand the optimum manual weld parameters and parameter ranges of short circuit, globular, pulsed and spray and weld personnel will be aware of when to switch from one mode to another. In this program every optimum MIG weld setting is provided for all common wire diameters using the short circuit, globular, spray, and pulsed modes.

PRODUCTIVITY AND WELD COSTS: If you have been looking for a simple approach to understanding weld costs and always attaining maximum weld deposition rates for optimized weld production, this is it.

Welding Defect Prevention.
Porosity, cracks, slag inclusions, lack of weld fusion, burn through, crater issues.
This program provides the most extensive, root cause analysis of MIG weld defects for all applications. This graphic, CD power point presentation and simple approach to MIG defects and weld defect resolution, will ensure all your weld personnel fully understand the MIG weld process requirements for weld defect prevention.

TO ACHIEVE BEST WELD PRACTICES, YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THE SALESMANSHIP FROM WELD EQUIPMENT AND CONSUMABLE DECISIONS. Look around your weld shop and count the many different types of MIG power sources your company has purchased over the last decade. Should you purchase an Inverter, a costly Pulsed power source or regular CV equipment. Ed shows you what you can attain with the lowest cost MIG equipment and you can be sure the welds that result will meet any productivity and code or specification requirements. Selecting a single, durable MIG power source for the weld shop, improves operator familiarity, simplifies weld process training, reduces weld equipment cost and reduces maintenance concerns.

How many different weld wire and gas mixes have you tried in the last few years? This program cuts through weld equipment / consumables salesmanship and provides the optimum products for your organization.

What expertise do you need to present this program? Simply place the CD in a lap top, project it on a screen and let the program present itself. Ed always focuses on process simplification, to present this program requires no weld process control expertise.

As welding is an important function in your organization, ensure to include all weld decision makers, welders, technicians, supervisors, engineers, QA personnel and managers in the classroom training . In a few hours you will have provided the process keys necessary for your organization to implement cost effective, manual, MIG Best Weld Practices and Weld Process Controls.

[3b] The Book.

"Manual MIG Process Controls"

Written by Ed Craig.
(170 pages).

This is a self teaching manual MIG Weld Process Control Training book. This book presents Ed's unique, process control Clock Method which provides a simple, highly effective approach to the selection of optimum MIG parameters for any robot carbon steels, alloy steels and stainless applications. This book is an essential tool for MIG weld quality / productivity optimization and a great resource for those participating in this training program.

[3c] DVD film.

"Manual MIG Process Controls
Made Simple".

Produced by Ed Craig. (Runs 60 minutes).

Remember "a picture is worth a 1000 words. This DVD is a great visual tool in the simplification of optimum, CV MIG weld parameter selection, for all those steel and stainless applications.

This unique MIG training DVD has been purchased by more than 4000 companies in 14 different countries. Companies such as GM, Caterpillar, Case, Ford, Volvo, Tower Automotive, Magna, Dana, ABB, Babcock, Boeing, Delphi, TRW, Monroe, Johnson Controls, Textron, Genesis, General Dynamics, General Electric and numerous others.

Items 3a-b-c.
Total cost $395.

To order item 3.
Click here

Dear Ed. I am a welding engineer working in the UK. I recently discovered your excellent web site and process control training resources. I just wanted to drop you a line to express my thanks for the excellent information.
Yours Sincerely. Richard Powell. England.

E-mail from Mike.
The books and training CD arrived on Friday and I can see from the couple of hours reading I've done so far that they're full of valuable MIG and flux cored weld process control knowledge and great advice. Thanks for the wonderful website.Sincerely. Mike Harris. New Zealand.

Astec Industries.
A group of of companies that have become America’s leading manufacturer
of equipment for asphalt road building, aggregate processing, pipeline and utility trenching,

Astec uses Ed's manual MIG process control training
program for it's weld personnel


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weld training resources

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