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Ed Craig's Weld Training Materials.

Ed's Weld Process
Control Training Materials:

Price US$:

Item [1]

[a] 600 page book. Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality, Productivity and Costs"

[b] CD RBOT MIG Train Program. See note below.

[c] Plus DVD MIG Video

Note you can change the CD to the manual or flux cored training program.

Note: When you order Item I, you recieve the Robot MIG training program with the Management book. However if you want the Manual MIG or Flux Cored Training program, send Ed an email ecraig@weldreality.com.
Confirm you want the Manual MIG or Flux Cored Train Prog with Item 1..

You will recieve the Management book in the mail, and the training CD through email. It will arrive at your email add on the day pay pal confirms the order...
Questions call Ed 828 337 2695.


Item [2]

"Robot MIG Weld Process Controls.

A self teaching and training package to optimize a
ll robot steels,stainless, nickel and aluminium MIG applications.

[a] Training CD: Robot weld optimization with all short circuit, spray and pulsed applications.

100 page Weld Book: "Manual and Robotic Gas Metal Arc Welding"

[c] DVD film: "MIG Process Controls Made Simple"


Item. 3.

The Manual MIG Process Controls Training Package includes;

[a] Training CD: "Manual MIG. Optimum manual weld process controls for all steels, stainless, nickel alloys and aluminum applications"

[b] 100 page Book:
"Manual and Robot Gas Metal Arc Welding"

[c] DVD film: "MIG Process Controls Made Simple"



The Manual / Automated Gas shielded Flux Cored Process Controls Training Package"


[a Training CD: "Flux Cored weld
Process Controls.

[b] Book: "Flux Cored and MIG weld process controls"

[c] DVD Film: "MIG Process Controls Made Simple"


Item [5a+b] MIG process Control in Spanish.

Book Title:

"Proceso de Soldadura"
MIG Manual"

( A self teaching MIG process control book)

[b] CD Manual MIG Train Program

Note you can change this CD to the Robot Train CD. Simpy order this item and then send Ed and email with your change request. ecraig@weldreality.com

[b] DVD film: "MIG Process Controls Made Simple" (English only).

3 items total






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