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Welding Books

MIG Welding Book, Management
A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality, Productivity and Costs

Gas Metal Arc Welding Book
Manual and Robotic (MIG) Gas Metal Arc Welding Book

MIG and Flux Core Welding Book
Flux Cored and MIG weld process controls

Manual MIG Welding Book
Manual MIG Welding Process Control

(Also in Spanish)
" Proceso de Soldadur MIG Manual "

Welding CD's

Robot Welding CD
Robot MIG welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding CD
Manual MIG Welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

Flux Core Welding CD
Flux Cored Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding Process Controls
DVD Film "MIG Process Controls Made Simple"

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Advanced TIP TIG Welding
TIP TIG Welding is always better quality than TIG and 100 to 500% faster with superior quality than TIG - MIG - FCAW.




Written by Ed Craig www.weldreality.com

With the highest possible weld quality and lowest possible weld heat,
the world's best weld process for all alloy applications is "TIP TIG".




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ASTM Code and Weld Data

ASTM - API Carbon & Low Alloy "Pipe Steels"

ASTM A36 to A391 Carbon Low Alloy Steels, Bars, Plates, Chain, Pipe and Tube

ASTM A403 - A643 Carbon Low Alloy Steels,
Bar, Plate, Chain, Pipe and Tube

ASTM A645 to A973 Steels.


High Strength Steels & AISI Specifications

High Strength Steels and AISI Specifications.

CSA Canadian Standards Association Steels

Tool Steels Data

A2 to A10 Tool Steels, Air Hardened.

D2 to D7 Tool Steels, (D) High Carbon Chrome Cold Worked.

H10 to H26 Tool Steels, (H) Chrome, Tungsten and Moly.

L2 to L6 Tool Steels, (L) Low Alloy High Wear Resistance / Toughness.

M1 to M36 Tool Steels, (M) Moly High Speed Steels

O1 to O6 Tool Steels, (O) Oil Hardened Cold Worked.

P2 to P20 Tool Steels, (P) Low Carbon Mold Steels.

S1 to S7 Tool Steels, (S) High Strength Medium Wear Resistance & Ductility.

T1 to T15 Tool Steels, (T) Tungsten High Speed Steels

W1 to W5 Tool Steels, (W) Water Hardened Tool Steels.

Miscellaneous Metals

Miscellaneous Metals and Metal Forming Definitions A to D.

Miscellaneous Metals and Metal Forming Definitions E to K.

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