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Welding Books

MIG Welding Book, Management
A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality, Productivity and Costs

Gas Metal Arc Welding Book
Manual and Robotic (MIG) Gas Metal Arc Welding Book

MIG and Flux Core Welding Book
Flux Cored and MIG weld process controls

Manual MIG Welding Book
Manual MIG Welding Process Control

(Also in Spanish)
" Proceso de Soldadur MIG Manual "

Welding CD's

Robot Welding CD
Robot MIG welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding CD
Manual MIG Welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

Flux Core Welding CD
Flux Cored Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding Process Controls
DVD Film "MIG Process Controls Made Simple"

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MIG Training

Advanced TIP TIG Welding
TIP TIG Welding is always better quality than TIG and 100 to 500% faster with superior quality than TIG - MIG - FCAW.



The MIG Training Handbook
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Available in both English
and Spanish

"Manual & Robotic MIG Welding.
Weld Process Training
Weld Process Control"
(Includes Pulsed MIG)

The MIG Training Video
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"Manual and Robotic MIG Parameter Simplification"

Use with train handbook


  • A LACK OF PROCESS EXPERTISE. Too frequently welders and supervisors use skills to compensate for a lake of "process expertise". Playing around with welding controls will results in unacceptable welding inconsistencies for both weld quality and productivity.
  • IS0 STANDARDS & PRODUCT LIABILITY. ISO standards require in-house process training. Product liability consequences demands it.
  • WELDER SHORTAGE. A universal shortage of skilled MIG welders requires that manufacturing companies have to place more emphasis and resources on providing effective in-house MIG welder training.
  • SHORTER TRAINING TIME. This resource dramatically reduces the training time required for weld personnel to attain extensive MIG process expertise.
  • ROBOT REQUIREMENTS. For the last five years, the growth of MIG welding robots has averaged over 15% annually. Few robot operators or programmers are aware, or have been trained in the unique robot MIG weld process requirements. This training program provides all the process training necessary to attain optimum weld productivity and quality with minimum robot downtime.
  • UNDERSTAND PULSED. The most popular MIG power sources sold today are pulsed. Few supervisors or operators of pulsed equipment are aware of,
    [a] When they should or should not use the more expensive, less durable pulsed process.
    [b] How to fully control optimize pulsed welding parameters.
  • ELIMINATE SALES HYPE. In an industry that attains too much of its welding data from sales sources, there exists too many weld process myths and too much weld product sales bias. This course is without product bias, it simply deals with welding reality.
  • ALL WELD. ENGINEERING PERSONNEL. This valuable self teaching or classroom resource is designed or anyone who wants to manage and control the gas metal arc-welding process. Engineers, welders, trainers, supervisors, managers, quality control personnel, robot operators, programmers and designers.

    Ed Craig the author is senior welding application engineer with thirty-five years MIG process and application expertise. Ed has provided MIG process training and application expertise to approximately 10,000 welders at 1000 manufacturing companies in 10 different countries.

    This is Ed's third MIG process control book. For 13 years Ed has written a monthly welding Q&A column in Welding Design and Fabrication Magazine, he also rewrote the welding section in the 25 edition of the Machinery Handbook and assisted in writing the AWS MIG gas specifications.

    This training resources is unique, in that it simplifies a complex process and then provides the process controls necessary for optimum welds on all carbon steel and stainless applications. The training video is also unique in it's approach to manual and robotic process controls. The training handbook has 170 easy to read pages, with 170 questions. Ensure each weld decision maker gets one.

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