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MIG Welding Book, Management
A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality, Productivity and Costs

Gas Metal Arc Welding Book
Manual and Robotic (MIG) Gas Metal Arc Welding Book

MIG and Flux Core Welding Book
Flux Cored and MIG weld process controls

Manual MIG Welding Book
Manual MIG Welding Process Control

(Also in Spanish)
" Proceso de Soldadur MIG Manual "

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Robot Welding CD
Robot MIG welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding CD
Manual MIG Welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

Flux Core Welding CD
Flux Cored Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding Process Controls
DVD Film "MIG Process Controls Made Simple"

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Flux Cored Training Program.

Advanced TIP TIG Welding
TIP TIG Welding is always better quality than TIG and 100 to 500% faster with superior quality than TIG - MIG - FCAW.


Flux Cored Welding
Flux Cored Training Book

Flux Cored Training

Best Practices and Process

Item 4:

"The Gas Shielded Flux Cored Training Program.
Pipe, Pressure Vessel, Structural and Plate Applications".

[Package 4 includes items a + b +c]

Training CD: "Flux Cored. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls".

[4b] Book: "Gas Metal Arc and Flux Cored Welding"

[4c] DVD film: "Manual MIG Process Control Made Simple"

Item 4. Package Cost. $395.

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Everything your workforce could possibly ever need to know about optimizing manual / automated flux cored weld quality and productivity on all position pipe, plate, structural and pressure vessels. Weld wires covered. E71T-1, E70T-1. Low Alloy and Stainless flux cored wires. Sizes 0.045 - 0.052 - 1/16 - 3/32, ( 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.6 - 2.4 mm). Many global weld procedures provide general, broad weld data, and frequently that data is not optimum. Every code weld that fails it's NDT, or fails in the field, is a weld made with the data from a qualified weld procedure. Many of you will be aware, that too many flux cored and MIG procedures were written by individuals who had a much better understanding of stick / TIG welding, than they did with the flux cored or MIG process.

If you are interested in establishing process optimization through the most comprehensive Flux Cored Training and Process Control resource ever developed, this is it. The benefits to a weld shop will be many.

[] No more weld personnel "playing" with weld controls.

[] No more welders utilizing "stick weld techniques" for flux cored welds.

[] All weld personnel attaining the process knowledge and technique awareness of how to minimize the opportunity for weld spatter and common weld defects such as lack of weld fusion, weld cracks, porosity, worm tracks and slag inclusions.

[] All weld personnel with the process control expertise necessary to deal with the daily application variables and conditions that influence many flux cored welds.
Variables such as mill scale, rust, surface contaminates, deep vee preps, excess gaps and poor edge preparations.

[] All weld personnel being aware of the fine tuning parameter requirements necessary for applications, especially those applications with different wire stick out requirements as found in variable thickness groove weld joints.

[] Each flux core wire size has has three optimum wire feed and voltage settings. Every weld decision maker should know those settings.

[] All weld personnel being aware of the unique process / technique requirements for flux cored welding root gaps with steel, copper or ceramic backing.

[] The most practical, comprehensive weld data ever presented on the prevention of flux cored weld defects on ceramic backed root welds.

[] Single and multipass fillets. All position groove root, hot pass, fill pass and cap pass welds. All of these welds have unique process and technique requirement which are presented in this program.

[] As open roots welds are common welds in flux cored shops, this training CD also provides the the weld data and techniques necessary to instantly set optimum, all position MIG root welds with the short circuit, STT, RMD or CMT processes.

[] Unique data that will minimize vee groove weld defects.

[] Weld equipment and consumable data that you will never get from a salesman.

The data is presented in a simple manner. The data is always optimum and up to date and Ed's KIS clock method makes it easy to remember.

The results of this easy to present 8 hour classroom program will be immediate. Follow up with CD's technique recommendations which require four hours hands on with the weld consumables and that's it. When your employees are trained, You will be a part of a weld shop or construction project in which all weld personnel (including those in the QA department) have a uniform, logical, consistent process control approach to dealing with weld issues and variables that daily impact all weld applications. As Ed is always focussed on weld costs, you can be sure these recommendations ensure optimum weld deposition rates are always attained, dramatically improving your daily weld production

NEW FLUX CORED WELD PROCEDURES: Welding ships, trains, pipe lines, oil platforms, construction projects and equipment, bridges or or cranes, there is no better weld data than that provided in this program .

REDUCE TRAINING TIME & TRAINING COSTS: For those that spend weeks or months training personnel, take note. With the addition of this process control resource into the training program, I guarantee that you can take a none weld person and with one day in the classroom with this CD and three days hands on, that weld personnel will produce flux cored welds that will meet any code requirement for any position welds.

WELD EQUIPMENT, PROCESS AND CONSUMABLE OPTIMIZATION:If you spend any time at this site, you know that process control expertise is the missing link to flux cored weld process optimization. Provide your employees with practical process control knowledge and your weld personnel will immediately feel more comfortable and confident with the equipment, process and consumables utilized.

This program encourages the "weld team approach" to weld process optimization
. All industries are aware of the liability consequences and costs associated with flux cored failed welds, weld rework and poor productivity. It's time to provide the training solution for your employees and this is the most comprehensive, CD training program ever developed for the flux cored process.

[4b] The Book:

"MIG and Flux Cored
Weld Parameter Selection made Simple"


Written by Ed Craig. (156 pages).

[4c] DVD film.

"Manual MIG Process Controls Made Simple".

Produced by Ed Craig. (Runs 60 minutes).

Remember "a picture is worth a 1000 words. To attain process optimization from flux cored consumables you have to fully understand the MIG equipment relationships between voltage and wire feed positions for the different diameter flux cored wires. This DVD movie takes you through Ed's simple clock method for weld process controls. This unique MIG training DVD has been purchased by more than 4000 companies in 14 different countries. Companies such as GM, Caterpillar, Case, Ford, Volvo, Tower Automotive, Magna, Dana, ABB, Babcock, Boeing, Delphi, TRW, Monroe, Johnson Controls, Textron, Genesis, General Dynamics, General Electric and numerous others.

Item.4a - b - c. Total Costs $395.

To order item 4. Click here.

Note: This power point CD when used for training will
require a minimum of 8 hours classroom

E-mail Feb 2007

Ed. I have read book about flux cored weld parameters and reviewed the CD flux cored training power point slides many times. The methods in which you address the root cause of the common flux cored weld issues are unique and make complete sense. Your program simplifies the requirements for all position welds. I have learned many things that give me a better understanding of how to quickly correct the weld issues and set and fine tune the weld equipment for the many variables that occur.

By the way Ed you are correct most of these welders I work with know little about how to set the weld machine correctly. Many of these guys have great skills, however because of their lack of process expertise they daily create lack of fusion, porosity and slag issues. What's ironic is after they repair the welds, they then create more of the same weld problems. Thanks again for the flux cored materials.


This program is about all position Fillets and Vee Grooves with
Pipe and Plate Welds using
E71T-1 - E70T-1 Gas Shielded Flux Cored Wires.

In the nineteen eighties, Ed set the first robot
to flux cored weld a 1 meter pipe set in the 5G position.


2008: One of my prime welding goals during the last forty years has been "Weld Process Control Simplification". During the last three decades, the flux cored process acceptance has been painfully slow. The slow process / consumable evolution was simply due to the general, global flux cored weld process confusion. It was a simple fact 30 years ago that when the E71T-1 products were presented to weld shops, that few weld personnel could set the required optimum weld parameters. 30 years later, little has changed, except we have more salesmanship, more myths, more bells and whistles and more confusion.




OPEN ROOT PIPE WELDS: As we don't use flux cored for open root welds, I have included a section on the requirements forall position, MIG root optimization with the MIG short circuit, globular STT, RMD and CMT processes.

You do not need weld process expertise to present this as a training program, simply point and click and you will find the animated program will quickly take you on a path to the establishment of Best Flux Cored Weld Practices and Weld Process Controls.


In 2007, I presented this flux cored program to a North East, US ship yard, Aker Kaverner constructs oil tankers and container vessels. Aker was loosing millions each year on unbudgeted flux cored weld rework. All weld personnel were given this one day training. The weld and cost results was staggering. The QA department at Aker revealed that in a four month period, the weld rework was reduced by approx. 60% for a savings of over 4 million dollars per ship.

When you can instantly address the root cause of your daily flux cored weld issues and you have the process knowledge to prevent those issues, you know the value that brings to your organization.


This flux cored process control CD will provide process resolutions to;

[] lack of weld fusion,
[] weld and HAZ cracks,
[] worm tracks,
[] slag entrapment,
[] excess weld porosity,
[] surface contaminates
[] dealing with excess root gaps steel or ceramic backing,
[] inconsistent and unnaceptable weld productivity.

If your organization uses the E70T-1 / E71T-1 and stainless wires, and welds fillet welds, open root pipe joints, pressure vessels, structural welds, plate vee groove weld joints, construction equipment, or welds vee grooves with "ceramic" or steel backing, this training program enables instant, optimum flux cored weld solutions to all your gas shielded flux cored weld quality and productivity issues.




[] You know the cost of your NDT.

[] You know the cost of your weld rework.

[] You are not quite sure if the welders are producing maximum weld depositions rates for the application.

[] You know the cost of a poor weld reputation and weld product liability.

[] You would like your weld personnel to have an easy to remember method for setting optimum welding parameters for any flux cored application.

[] You want your weld work force to be professional in their approach to all position flux cored welding and you have to want them to provide a uniform approach to controlling the weld processes they use.

[] You know that the weld procedures you have in the office cabinet are not dealing with the real world variables (edge preps, dimensions, metal condition and environment) that daily influence the weld quality and productivity.

[] In your shop, your weld personnel will tell you 10 different ways to produce that vertical up weld. You know that their has to be a best way, a uniform approach to dealing with the unique requirements of all position root, fill and cap pass welds.

[] As you look around your weld shop, you know in the last decade your company has tried;

(a) ten different weld consumables,
(b) nine different weld power sources,
(c) eight different MIG gas mixes.

An additional benefit of this program is to eliminate the sales induced process hype that surrounds MIG weld equipment selection. This program shows you which weld equipment has the best weld transfer characteristic's, is the most durable and cost effective for the MIG and flux cored weld consumables discussed. This program can dramatically reduce your weld equipment, consumables and equipment maintenance costs.


In the 1980s, when Textron had welding problems with it's Stingray Tanks, they sent Ed
to Thailand to solve the weld issues and manage the extensive weld repairs.

Ed trained the Thai army on how to do the all position flux cored and MIG weld repairs
on the Stingray tanks and their 270.000 tensile armor plates.



TRAINING AND SKILLED WELDERS: This CD requires approx. 8 hours for the classroom session and with an additional 4 hours of hands on. Utilizing the recommended procedures, practices, skills and techniques provided in the CD, the weld quality / productivity improvements will be dramatic with your skilled work force.

PERSONNEL WITH NO WELD EXPERTISE: For personnel who have never welded, extend the hands on training for an additional 4 days and the results will amaze you. In less than forty hours you will have a weld work force that can meet any pipe or plate all position weld code or qualification requirements, a work force that truly understands how to minimize flux cored weld rework and attain maximum weld productivity.

When a simple method is used to educate the personnel on how to master a welding process, consumables and the equipment utilized, that program instantly improves the process confidence level of those workers and dramatically reduces the time required to create a highly effective weld work force.

Welding that ceramic backed root without weld defect formation, requires special process and technique considerations. The most comprehensive training program on welding across ceramic backed root welds is part of this unique program...



E71T-1 - E70T-1 Gas Shielded Flux Cored Welds.

All Position Fillets. Vee Grooves. Pipe and Plate Welds.

With 40 years of hands on MIG and flux cored weld process control expertise, five books and 30 plus articles on the subject, Ed is one of the world's leading process control experts on the flux cored and MIG processes. Ed has provided weld process control training to over 1000 companies in twelve countries. Pipelines, ship yards, power plants, nuclear plants, waste energy, refineries, light and heavy construction equipment. Ed strives for weld process control simplification. You don't need a welding back ground to present this CD program, all you need to do is press "click" and let the program speak for itself.
[] Link to a training session Ed provided on flux cored Pipe welds. Imperial Oil Alberta

[] Link to Ship Building and the consequences of Bad Flux Cored Welds

[] Link to a flux cored work shop provided by Ed to the Aker Kaverner (Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard

This group is part of the 300 ship yard welders who went
through Ed's flux cored process training program. Ed in blue in middle.

Jan 2007: Ed and Tom (blue sweaters) provided flux cored Weld Process Control
Training, for Aker. This company builds oil tankers.
Location: Excel Weld Training Center, the Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard.



In the nineteen nineties, Ed was asked to establish Best flux cored and MIG Weld Practices and Process Controls for the SMAW pipe line welders employed by Canada's largest oil company, Imperial Oil, Alberta.

The one day, flux cored process control training program provided dramatically improved the pipe weld quality / productivity. Imperial engineers reported that this eight hour training program produced an annual cost savings of more than one million dollars
for one pipe crew.





Flux Cored Training.

Some of the program contents.

[] Everything you need to know about all position flux cored wires.

[] Why pulsed equipment or Inverters may impair those flux cored welds and which weld equipment works best with flux cored wires.

[] Why stick weld techniques cause flux cored weld issues.

[] Correct flux cored weld techniques for all position vee groove welds on open roots and ceramic / steel backing.

[] When to use fore hand and back hand.

[] How to prevent weld defects, porosity, worm tracks, lack of weld fusion,
cold hydrogen cracks and hot crack's.

[] When to use MIG versus flux core.

[] The correct flux cored wire diameter for optimum weld fusion and weld deposition rates.

[] The differences between CO2 and Argon CO2 flux cored welds.

[] The correct utilization of wire feeders and guns with a great trouble shooting section.

[] Correct weld edge and plate preparation for flux cored vee groove welds.

[] How wire stick out variations can work for or against the weld.

[] Ed's unique Weld Clock Method". This process control method simplifies the required flux cored weld parameter selection for all steel and stainless flux cored plate and pipe welds. No notes required by the weld personnel as this data stays in their head.

[] Ed's unique Clock Method also ensures maximum weld deposition rates, and makes it easy to figure out flux cored weld costs.

[] How the flux cored weld surface will reveal the weld internal quality.

[] With pipe and plate vee welds, use Ed's special instruction to minimize the weld defects that typically occur in the common vee groove locations.

[] Cap welds, root welds and fill passes all require unique techniques and weld settings for optimum weld quality.

[] MIG welding the pipe roots, the right way.

It took Ed over 2000 hours to develop this very unique training program.

To order click here.


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