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MIG Welding Book, Management
A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality, Productivity and Costs

Gas Metal Arc Welding Book
Manual and Robotic (MIG) Gas Metal Arc Welding Book

MIG and Flux Core Welding Book
Flux Cored and MIG weld process controls

Manual MIG Welding Book
Manual MIG Welding Process Control

(Also in Spanish)
" Proceso de Soldadur MIG Manual "

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Robot Welding CD
Robot MIG welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding CD
Manual MIG Welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

Flux Core Welding CD
Flux Cored Best Weld Practices and Process Controls

MIG Welding Process Controls
DVD Film "MIG Process Controls Made Simple"

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Flux cored Weld Books & Training Resources

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TIP TIG Welding is always better quality than TIG and 100 to 500% faster with superior quality than TIG - MIG - FCAW.


For extensive flux cored weld process control data
visit the world's largest web site on
flux cored training and process controls,

Gas Metal Arc and Flux Cored
Welding Parameters Book.


MIG and "Flux Cored" Process Controls.
How to set optimum parameters for any application.

Written by Ed Craig, 156 pages.

This weld process control book provides in-depth weld data on setting traditional, optimum Manual MIG and " Gas Shielded Flux Cored" weld parameters.

No more "playing around" with the MIG and flux cored weld data. MIG and flux cored manual weld parameter selection is made simple with Ed's unique "Weld Clock Control Method". The weld data provided applies for all manual carbon steels, low alloy steels and stainless applications.


Flux Cored Pipe Welding

Ed provided flux cored training (using the easy to remember clock method)
for Canada's largest Oil / pipe line company and several ship yards.


Dear Ed Craig,
I am a welder living and working in Australia. I found your web site and am very interested in your books. "Manual "Gas Metal Arc & Flux Cored Welding Parameters". I am currently undertaking a diploma course in welding technology and while I can learn untold amounts about welding theory and how the materials change etc., I have yet to find any instructor or welder in the industry that knows how to simply set up a GMAW machine properly. Most people I have met just play around with with their MIG or flux cored weld settings and focus on the skills required. For many weld personnel, if the weld looks good, that's enough, however it's not good enough for me. I want to know the optimum weld settings for any application and I certainly don't want to play around with weld controls.

Yours sincerely
I C Ormrod

MIG and Flux Cored are the two most utilized weld processes, yet, for over 30 years, lack of focus on process control training has retarded the growth of these two important weld processes and contributed to a global industry in which too many weld personnel "play around" with their weld controls. The general lack of process expertise and extensive reliance on sales advice, daily impacts both MIG and flux cored weld quality and costs. Unnecessary poor weld quality, unnecessary weld rework, unnecessary low weld deposition rates, a general lack of understanding of real world weld costs and the purchase of incorrect weld equipment and consumables are common in many weld shops.

In the weld shops where welders use their weld skills to compensate for their lack of weld process expertise, its common to see weld personnel "playing with the MIG or flux cored weld controls".

If you are a professional in the welding business, you should know instantly where to set the wire feed and voltage controls for the common MIG and flux cored weld consumables and weld transfer modes.

Many weld shops will have manual pipe and structural welders using inappropriate SMAW (stick) weld techniques on those MIG and flux cored welds.

This book provides the optimum weld settings they should be using and if you want to provide your weld personnel with the world's most comprehensive process control training program, take a look at Ed's flux cored CD training program.

Ed's CD FCAW Training program and the info in this book saved Aker Kaverner (builds oil tankers) at the Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard over 4 million dollars annually through less E71T-1 flux cored weld rework and increased weld production.

Ed has finally shattered the myths that surround the GMAW and FCAW Training process. He introduces his unique yet simple "Weld Process Control Clock Method" and provides you with what you need to consistently produce optimum quality welds for any carbon, low alloy, or stainless steel application.

The Gas Metal Arc & Flux Cored Welding Parameter book and Process Control CD is the definitive resource for any technician, decision-maker, trainer, or quality control personnel interested in manual weld process optimization.

E Mail
from Steve.

Ed: Just found your site and I am slowly going through it. I hope you enjoy doing this, because it sure is an asset to the industry. I'm a retired pipe welder, and now teach welding. I have some experience welding with MIG and gas shielded flux cored wires, but I'm weak with weld parameter selection. I'm ordering your book tomorrow. Would it be all right if I asked you some questions (after I read the book) so I can enlighten my trainees. In the past when I have had weld technical questions, I have tried both Miller and Lincoln techs, but either get answers that make no sense or no answers. Regard
less, great job on this site. Steve.


www.weldreality.com. is the worlds largest web site on MIG and flux cored welding