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Welcome: The Weld Process Control Training resources at this site were developed by Weld Engineer Process Control Specialist Ed Craig. With five decades experience, Ed has provided Manual - Robot weld quality & productivity improvements for more than 1000 companies in 13 countries.

Over One Million Readers of the Machinery Handbook have had an opportunity to read the Weld Sections written by Ed Craig.

More about Ed Craig:

  • Key AWS Committee member in developing the American Weld Society (AWS) MIG, - TIG -Plasma Gas Weld Specifications. Weld specifications today used around the world in many industries.
  • AWS weld committee advisor on the development of the AWS Flux Cored weld specifications.
  • Developed four of biggest selling MIG gas mixes sold today in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Monthly for 18 years, Ed advised more than 80,000 readers in the QA Weld Column, “Weld Design Fabrication Magazine”.
  • Has had more than 40 Weld / Cutting, Process Controls – Best Weld Practice Articles published.
  • Has written 3 Books on Manual – Robot MIG Process Controls – Best Weld Practices.
  • Wrote the Laser – Plasma – Oxy Fuel (Thermal Sections) in American Society Metals Book, Ninth Edition.
  • Produced the world’s largest web site on MIG – TIG – FCAW process controls – best practices. (weldreality.com)

    Questions? Contact E Craig at: ecraig@weldreality.com

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    The following programs enable the highest possible weld quality - productivity at the lowest possible weld costs.

    Item ONE - The MANUAL MIG Program

    A Self Teaching & Training Program for MANUAL MIG Welding Manual MIG Weld Process Controls & Best Practices

  • Consistently enable the highest possible MIG weld quality.
  • Dramatically reduces manual MIG weld rejects and weld repairs.
  • Dramatically reduces spatter and MIG weld cleaning.

    [a] My Power Point Training Program: "Manual MIG. Optimum manual weld Process Controls - Best Practices for all steels, alloy steels and aluminum applications"

    [b] My 100 page Book: "Manual - Robot MIG Welding"

    [c] My DVD film: "MIG Process Controls Made Simple"

    Cost: $275.00, plus shipping, $30 USA & Canada.
    Other countries $60.


    A Self Teaching & Training Program
    Gas Shielded Flux Cored Weld Process Controls & Best Practices

    Not only will the use of this program dramatically reduce your flux cored weld liability concerns and weld rework costs, the program also enables weld personnel to consistently attain the highest possible, all position weld production, (highest deposition rates ) attaining the lowest possible weld costs. With my weld process control CLOCK method, you only need to learn THREE easy to remember flux cored settings suited to all weld applications.


    [a] My flux cored Process Controls - Best Practice Power Point Training Program: "Gas Shielded Flux Cored weld Process Controls - Best Weld Practices.

    [b] My flux cored Book: "Flux Cored and MIG weld Process Controls"

    [c] My DVD film to learn the Clock Method: "MIG Controls Made Simple".

    Cost: $275.00, plus shipping, $30 USA & Canada.
    Other countries $60.



    A Self Teaching & Training Program
    Robot MIG Weld Process Controls and Best MIG Weld Practices

  • Quickly optimize the robot weld productivity.
  • Minimize the robot down time.
  • Eliminate robot weld rejects & rework.
  • Achieve consistent, uniform weld results each shift.
  • Reduce robot cell equipment - consumable costs.
  • Reduce robot training time.
  • Provide weld process solutions for coated parts.
  • Provide the robot weld solutions for weld gaps and poor fit parts.
  • Instantly provide the solutions to the unique. daily weld issues that occurs with most robot welds on steels, alloy steels and aluminum welds.
  • In a few hours, participants of this self teaching or training, become an expert in the world's three most widely used MIG weld transfer modes, Short Circuit, Spray and Pulsed.
  • Know when to switch between the weld modes and how to instantly set the best possible weld parameters.
  • Know the unique requirements to attain the highest possible weld speeds and productivity.

    [a] My Power Point: "Robot MIG Process Controls - Best Weld Practice Training Program".

    [b] My 100 page Self Teaching Weld Book: "Manual and Robot Gas Metal Arc Welding".

    [c] My DVD Video: "MIG Made Simple".

    Cost: $275.00, plus shipping, $30 USA & Canada.
    Other countries $60.

    Item FOUR - The Weld Management Book

    Ed's "Weld Management - Engineer & Supervision Book".
    With this program you can order any Training Resource

    Package includes the following Three items:

    [1] My weld Management - Engineers Book: "A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality Weld Productivity and Costs."

    This 600 page book is the most comprehensive practical book ever written for anyone that wants to cut the umbilical cord to the weld salesman, and manage a weld shop to daily attain the best possible, manual / robot MIG - FCA weld quality / productivity. Also the book has a unique section that deals with the requirements necessary for weld decision makers to attain the highest possible deposition rates and the highest weld speeds with robots or any automated welds. This is the only source of this data available anywhere in the world. With this package you can also select one of my power point Training - Self Teaching Programs.

    [2] You will be asked to select one of the following process control programs:
    [a] Manual - MIG.
    [b] Manual Flux Cored.
    [c] Robot MIG Weld Process Control program.
    [d] Advanced TIG and TIP TIG program is now available.

    [3] With this order you will also receive my DVD: "MIG made Simple".

    Cost: $475.00, plus shipping, $30 USA & Canada.
    Other countries $60.

    Training Progam Options

    Item FIVE - Advanced TIG & TIP TIG, Weld Process Controls - Best Weld Practices.

    The GTAW and TIP TIG Process Controls Best Weld Practices Program

    When you purchase new inverter TIG equipment you will pay a premium for what is often called advanced TIG weld equipment, many of the electronic features will not be necessary, and some will be under utilized.

    As with the MIG process, you may watch the TIG welders play around with, or not fully utilize the new TIG weld equipment features. The solution is a simple one, it’s called weld process controls - best weld practice expertise.

    Cost: $275.00, plus shipping, $30 USA & Canada.
    Other countries $60.


    Some have called and stated you cannot use PAYPAL to order, as your company does not have a PAYPAL acct. Please be aware that with PAYPAL you do not need to use the PAYPAL acct. PAYPAL also provides the option for you to use your regular credit card, (claim as an expense), or use a company credit card.

    For those of you that work in companies that have a firewall in place that prevents the acceptance of large E-Mails, please provide an alternative E-Mail address (such as your own address). Part of the program will be delivered by We Transfer E-Mail, and the books and DVD by USA Priority mail. These programs are not refundable.

    Ed Craig's Weld Training Resources

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