Weld Process Controls & Best Welding Practices

Self Teaching & Training resource for
Robot & Manual MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux Cored, Advanced TIG & TIP TIG

For decades, the majority of the global weld industry has placed little focus on MIG or Flux Cored Weld Process Controls and Best Weld practices. Along with the lack of weld process control focus, there is also the common use of outdated arc weld specifications and procedures that are often utilized throughout the high tech industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Power and Oil industries. And lets not forget the the poor manual robot MIG and flux cored welds too often found throughout mfg. plants and especially the Automotive industry. The bottom line is that the daily arc weld issues, cost and liability consequences that occur from lack of front office weld process ownership and from welders playing around with their welding controls is extensive.

Consistently attaining optimum manual or robot MIG weld quality and productivity always of course at the lowest weld costs, requires those that are involved in daily weld decisions, have the necessary arc weld process controls and best practice expertise. This easy to learn expertise is essential to both own and consistently optimize the weld processes utilized.

  For five decades,  Ed Craig was involved with weld shop change, so it should be no surprise that in 2013, Ed changed to Emily. In this  2017 photo, Em is creating weld spatter with different MIG weld transfer modes so that weld personnel being trained can view how the MIG spatter is eliminated through fine weld volt or amp adjustments.  

   After a  lifetime of weld application diversity in 13 countries, and providing weld process improvements for more than a 1000 companies. Em capped her weld career by bringing TIP TIG the world’s most effective arc weld process to North America and   Australia, and recently she provided weld process  and weld design improvement advice for the Orion Mars Space Shuttle.

It did not matter if Em  was providing robot MIG weld advice for the Corvette,  Ford F-150 Trucks, the  VW Beetle or Harley bike  frames. Or establishing optimum flux cored and  TIG weld improvements in Nuclear Plants, on Oil tankers, Submarines  or Offshore Oil Rigs, with Em, there is only one approach to arc welds, and that is to ensure all those responsible for the welds (includes front office personnel) have the weld expertise that’s necessary to enable full control of the manual or robot arc welds.

For approx. six decades, there has been two common themes found throughout global weld shops. One is the can you give me sometime to "PLAY AROUND" with the weld controls mentality.The other, but "WHY CHANGE the way we have always done it" attitude.

Item 1: Robot & Manual MIG & Pulsed MIG.

Weld Process Controls & Best Weld Practice
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This Process Control Program is intended for all MIG and Pulsed MIG steels, alloys, alloy steels and aluminum weld applications.

  • Whats Included
  • Training Resource Summary

My Self Teaching Process Controls book.

  • Manual – Robot MIG Welds and the unique Weld Clock Method.

My Instructional DVD

  • MIG Weld Process Controls Made Simple and the simple Weld Clock Method.

My Unique PowerPoint  Self Teaching  / Training Program.

  • Robot and Manual MIG Weld Process Controls – Best Practices for all Steels, Alloy Steels & Aluminum applications.

With this Self Teaching / Training Course, you will learn to:

  • Recognize the cause of MIG weld defects and minimize weld rejects & rework by consistently enabling the highest possible robot / manual  MIG weld quality.
  • Each MIG weld transfer mode has two or three weld settings ideal for all applications. Few weld personnel are aware of these settings and once learnt they can provide dramatic weld resolutions.
  • With this program you will ensure maximum weld production by always attaining maximum weld deposition rates, the  fastest robot weld speeds.
  • MIG process controls and best robot weld practices will result in  minimum robot down time.
  • The program provides instant robot weld solutions to the  unique robot MIG problems such as poor or inconsistent arc starts, wire burn backs, weld craters, weld burn through, weld porosity  and weld spatter concerns.
  • With this program there will be no more "playing around"  with either the robot or manual weld parameters.
  • Anyone can learn this program and those learning it don't even have to take notes as it provides Ed's Clock Method that simplifies MIG weld parameter selection.
  • The program is the missing link that weld personnel need and it will dramatically reduce MIG welder training time.
  • With this program, weld costs are simplified and weld equip. and consumable costs are reduced as the weld shop finds it does not need costly MIG equip, bells and whistles  or three part gas mixes for most welds.
  • The program shows how to reduce weld procedures,  and dramatically improve MIG welder qualification pass rate.
  • The program simplifies pulsed MIG. For example  it shows how optimum aluminum pulsed MIG welds can  produced from 16 gauge to one inch  with two optimum weld settings.
  • Process and weld transfer mode awareness, ensures all weld personnel have the ability to  consistently attain the full MIG weld equip. process potential. This enables weld personnel to fully utilize any  optimum Short Circuit, Spray or Pulsed welds on all steels, alloy steels and aluminum manual and robot applications. 
  • Lets face it,  if you want to reduce weld liability concerns with your welded products, then this is the resource you need.

Item 2: Gas Shielded Flux Cored

Weld Process Controls & Best Weld Practice

Welder Skills Are Just One Part of the Requirements for

Gas Shielded Flux Cored Weld Process Optimization.
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My  Book

  • Flux Cored and MIG Weld Parameters Made Simple.

My Instructional DVD

  • As flux cored uses MIG equipment, its beneficial to learn a simple way to learn and set flux cored  weld parameters. This resource provides my easy to learn  Weld Clock Method that simplifies Flux Cored weld parameter selection.

My PowerPoint Training Program

  • Enables anyone to rapidly optimize  gas shielded flux cored weld quality and productivity. 

Instant Flux Cored Weld Solutions.

2018: With gas shielded, flux cored weld repair cost overruns of millions of dollars per-ship, and  the too common poor flux cored weld productivity, the US Navy has expressed concerns for controlling costs on future ship building projects. The weld reality is most of the weld decision makers responsible for global ship building , are simply not aware of the dramatic  weld cost benefits that could be attained from providing welder training programs that include Weld Process Controls and Best Weld Practice expertise. 
Note: Most welder training programs simply focus on the "welder's skills".

  • This program benefits anyone who welds or makes gas shielded flux cored weld decisions.
  • Learn the flux cored weld process controls expertise  and  best weld  practice necessary to consistently ensure the highest possible flux cored weld quality & productivity.
  • Learn the expertise that enables welders to stop guessing or  playing with their weld controls.
  • The program applies for all position flux cored welds with the common wire sizes. Welds on structural parts,  pressure vessels, pipes, plate, tanks.
  • The programs deals with the best methods and weld practices necessary to pass any NDT requirements for any type of fillets and groove welds, including those weld joints with open roots, or steel and ceramic backing
  • With the optimum weld data and the best  flux cored best weld practices, this program makes it easy  for welders of any skill level to pass any all position welder qualification test, with  AWS, API, ASME, ABS requirements.
  • If you make weld decisions, surely you would want an easy to learn program that simplifies flux cored weld costs.

Flux cored is a process more prone to weld defects than the MIG or TIG processes. When you are aware of what influences the flux cored defects, you can help prevent defect formation the with the weld data and practices recommended in the weld procedures produced.

Gas Shielded Flux cored is a process that utilizes MIG equipment, and as common with the MIG process, most Flux Cored weld personnel in your facility are playing around with the MIG  power source and  wire feed weld controls. With this resource your weld personnel will learn my  easy to remember Weld Clock method providing them with the confidence to adjust to optimum weld parameters that will deal with the variables that daily influence their welds.

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  • U.S. & Canada: $30
  • International: $60
  • Due to the digital nature of this program all sales are final.

Item 3: Advanced TIG & TIP TIG:

Weld Process Controls & Best Weld Practice

Advanced TIG and TIP TIG

Training & Self Teaching Programs
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Three Unique TIG Programs.

Advanced AC TIG Process Control Training.       

For decades, there was little change in TIG equipment, you had to know when  to use AC - DC, set the HF and with a foot control,  ramp  the amps up and down. Now with TIG equip. there are many electronic options that can enhance the TIG welds. Welders typically don't like change, and to ensure those new TIG process controls options are used to their full potential, why not ensure your  TIG weld personnel have the capability  to fully utilize the new TIG weld equip. features,  by providing the employees with my Advanced AC- DC TIG process control training program. 
Perfect for those that want to fully understand how the latest electronic TIG power source options and new recommended Wave Control settings that will greatly enhance aluminum TIG Welds.

Advanced DCEN TIG Weld Process Control Training.

  • Focusing on the required  new Pulsed settings that can enhance DCEN TIG welds.

TIP TIG Training Program.

TIP is the evolution of the traditional TIG process.

  • Why from any weld quality or metallurgy  perspective, TIP TIG is always the far superior arc welding process.
  • The advantages of TIP-TIG over traditional TIG.
  • The best possible TIP TIG weld settings and unique weld practices.

Advanced AC TIG.       

  • TIG welding aluminum? Take a look at the latest features on TIG equipment for aluminum welds. Its a pity in the "why change the way we have always done it" weld industry, that few global weld personnel are fully utilizing and attaining the weld benefits from the new, unique AC Wave controls and other new  power source electronic options.

Advanced DCEN TIG.

  • When to pulse or not to pulse with DCEN. 
  • When to use wave control on DC welds?
  • Do you know the differences between a DC TIG weld and the superior TIP TIG process?

TIP TIG is the evolution of the traditional TIG process.

  • Em brought this exciting new TIG process to both North America & Australia.
  • This is the most comprehensive training program ever produced on the TIP TIG process.
  • Why TIP TIG is superior from a weld quality and weld costs.
  • How do you use TIP TIG, what are the best weld settings and practices.
  • Few like change in a weld shop. Management has to drive change. After 60 years with the traditional TIG process its time look outwards and examine the dramatic weld quality and cost benefits that will be attained for your company with this important process. 
  • Item 3
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  • U.S. & Canada: $30
  • International: $60
  • Due to the digital nature of this program all sales are final.
  • The Aerospace, Defense, Power, Oil, or Medical Industries
  • A 21st Century Approach
  • Manual or Robot TIG Welds? 

A Better Approach 

While many industries that are stuck in a 1960s to 1980s arc welding time warp, there are those that are looking for a better approach to attaining the best possible weld and part quality, And to attain this while dramatically reducing weld labor and weld rework costs,  should be additional weld bonus.

Those in the Aerospace, Defense, Power, Oil, or Medical industries will find extensive weld benefits in these unique,  training & self teaching TIG and TIP TIG process controls and training methods.

A 21st Century Approach to Attaining Optimum Weld Quality.

This unique three part TIG program deals with attaining the best possible results from both Advanced TIG equip. options  and also the unique TIP TIG process.

With this program, no more playing around with those complex new electronic TIG weld controls. Welders will have the knowledge required to enable full utilization of those new weld power source control options, that are  now provided for  Advanced AC – DC and TIP TIG welds.

Manual or Robot TIG Welds?  While traditional TIG is a poor weld process for most  robot welds, TIP TIG is an ideal process. You need to know why. You need to know how. 

These programs are designed to benefit anyone using or considering Advanced TIG equipment or the TIP TIG process.  

Ed with his business partner Tom brought the TIP TIG process to both North America and Australia.  Would you like to know why you should not be using regular TIG for manual welds, or Hot / Cold Wire TIG for automated welds. This program provides unique data that breaks down the differences between regular TIG, Hot / Cold Wire TIG, and TIP TIG.

Also with this program you have all the TIP TIG weld settings and best weld practices required for just about any global welding applications.

Item 4: A Management & Engineers Guide to

MIG & Flux Cored Weld Quality, Productivity & Costs
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Whats Included

My Weld Management – Engineers Book

  • A Management & Engineers Guide to MIG Weld Quality Weld Productivity & Costs


Your Choice of Any One Of the above process controls programs for Free!

  • Item 1. Robot & Manual MIG 
  • Item 2. Flux Cored 
  • Item 3. TIG & TIP TIG

These resources  are the missing weld management and supervision link throughout most of the global weld industry.

These resources will provide the ability to quickly & dramatically lower weld costs & improve weld quality.

From Manual to Robot Welds, its resources such as this that  can  enhance anyone's weld career prospects.

In an age of lack of depth weld process control expertise, this is the one weld book that should be sitting by your desk.

If you deal with MIG, TIG or Flux Cored and you know that welding is just not about welder's skills, then select the process control - best weld practice program of your choice to go with the book.

  • Item 4
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  • U.S. & Canada: $30
  • International: $60
  • Due to the digital nature of this program all sales are final.
  • What this Book Will do for Weld Shops
  • Increase Productivity & Lower Costs

Gain the Knowledge You Need to Effectively Manage a Weld Shop.

         So if someone walked into your weld shop and told you they had spent more than 50 years improving weld applications in over 1000 companies. And they  told you that they  were dedicated to getting weld process confusion and sales BS out of  the business of welding. They then mentioned that they had developed  simple unique  weld process controls - best weld practice methods that instantly provides dramatic weld quality and cost reductions. Would you be interested in purchasing a weld book from this person? 

My 600 page, "Weld Management and Engineers Guide to MIG and Flux Cored" book is the most comprehensive practical book ever written for anyone that wants to cut the umbilical cords attached to the weld sales man, and manage a weld shop  in which weld personnel will not play around with their weld controls. Manage a  weld shop that daily attains the best possible, manual and robot MIG – Flux Cored  weld quality / productivity always with the lowest weld costs.

Increase Your Weld Quality & Robot Weld Speeds.

          This book will also teach you how to consistently meet the requirements necessary for weld decision makers to attain the highest possible manual weld deposition rates and the highest weld speeds with robots or any automation.

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