Welcome to the world's only Robot and Manual, Weld Process Controls & Best Weld Practice, Self-Teach / Training Programs. [1] Six Steps to Robot and Manual MIG Weld Optimization. [2] Gas Shielded Flux Cored WeldOptimization.. [3] Advanced TIG and TIP TIG.

WELD PROCESS OWNERSHIP:  Be aware that MIG and flux cored account for approx. 85% of the welds daily produces. For four decades I preached about the common lack of Management & Engineering Weld Process Ownership & Process Control Expertise, that’s common throughout the global weld industry.

  • This industry has for decades relied on a salesman for weld application advice. An industry that allows  personnel to “play around” with 2 MIG weld controls in manual and robot applications.
  • This is an industry in which few front office weld decision makers, understand the quality relevance and cost effectiveness of weld process ownership. An industry in which few understand the real cost of the MIG or flux cored welds they daily produce.

A REFERENCE FROM DANA, A NINE BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR,  TIER ONE SUPPPLIER THAT PRODUCES FORD F-150 FRAMES.  Em. On your first visit to the plant, our robot MIG weld lines were producing less than 40 Ford F-150 truck frames per-hour, and 100 % of the robot welded frames required extensive manual weld rework. 

Thanks to your Six Step Robot MIG Weld Process Control Training program, the robot MIG weld results are now staggering. Yesterday this plant did a record of 76 frames per hour. And in a weld quality audit, for the first time in the history of the Ford F-150 line we achieved a 100% pass.

We have implemented your Six Step program in five of our USA plants. Many thanks from a grateful weld engineer, and from the DANA Corporation, Ryan Good. Weld Eng.

Robot Small Xx
For 30 plus years, in 13 countries, it did not matter what the make of the robot or MIG power source was, when  I provided major robot weld modifications on iconic applications like the Corvette, Ford F-150 Trucks, VW Beetle or Harley bike frames, I  would apply the Weld Process Control data that I developed below in my,  Six Steps To Robot Weld Process Controls,  Self Teach – Training Program.  And no matter what the robot weld quality or productivity issue were, my changes instantly delivered optimum robot weld quality / productivity.

Item 1: Six Steps to Robot & Manual MIG Weld Optimization.

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[a] My Self Teach / Training Robot &  Manual MIG Weld Process Controls Book.

  • Provides my unique Weld Process Control Clock Method that simplifies all the weld data required for all manual and robot MIG welds.

[b] My annually updated MIG Power Point, Six Steps to Robot – Manual, Weld Process Control – Best Weld Practice, Self Teach or Training Program.

  • It took 30 years to develop , but it’s the most comprehensive MIG weld process control / best practice program ever produced. It covers, manual and robot Short Circuit, Spray, Pulsed, RMD and STT weld modes. 
  • It will  take approx. 12 to 15  hours to learn my Six Steps necessary for Robot and Manual MIG  Weld, WAAM and Clad Process Controls, plus the Best weld Practices for all wire sizes, all Steels, Alloys,  Alloy Steels & Aluminum applications.
  • Imagine always be able to deliver the highest manual or robot  MIG weld quality and deposition rates. Or perhaps you walk into a robot cell and now have the ability to instantly set any weld wire feed, volts, travel rate, along with  the  weld start and end data.
  • Imagine having the ability to dramatically reduce robot down time and having the ability to prevent weld burn through, weld fusion issues, weld start or weld crater issues, weld spatter, wire burn backs or contact tip issues.  
  • Also included every possible pulsed GMA manual or robot weld settings to qualify any all position, aluminum welds on parts from 1 to 25 mm thick. Note I did the alum. settings when qualifying  aluminum weld repairs for USA Navy Frigates. 
  • Note before purchasing this item, check out Item 4, my  GMA Management Engineer book. 

Item 2: Gas Shielded Flux Cored, All Position Pipe & Plate Weld Optimization.

Flux Cored Weld Process Controls & Best Weld Practice

Gas Shielded Flux Cored


My  Flux Cored Book

  • Optimum Flux Cored and MIG Weld Parameters are made simple with Em’s Unique Weld Clock method. This allows you to instantly set, without “playing around” optimum flux cored parameters.

My Flux Cored Power Point Self Teach – Training Program takes about 10 to 12 hours to. learn.

Enables anyone to instantly set and  optimize the weld quality delivered with any gas shielded flux cored weld wire size and, wire type.

  • Many flux cored welds are set at low settings that reduce weld fusion, add to trapped slag. These low settings also add to weld costs from unnecessary low weld deposition rates delivered.
  • Gas shielded flux cored wires are prone to porosity, worm tracks and trapped slag. These defects are dramatically reduced with this program.
  • There are reasons not to use pulsed MIG weld equipment or  Inverter and Multi-purpose GMA equipment with flux cored wires. Learn why this MIG equip. reduces weld fusion and deposition rates.
  • If you are going to work in a ship yard or a  pipe or fabrication shop, and want to with great confidence  pass the all position flux cored welder qualification test, this is the program you need.
  • Say you go for a weld test and the root is ceramic backed, or it’s a steel plate backed, will you know the best settings and best weld practices that will minimize weld defects in these areas always prone to weld defects.
  • If you are establishing a flux cored weld qualification, and want to achieve the highest possible weld quality and productivity, all the data and practices required are here.
  • Note: Em. while advising the AWS committee on the development of GMA Weld Specifications, was also was a key advisor to the AWS in the development of Gas Shielded Flux Cored Specifications.

Instant Flux Cored Weld Solutions.

2018: With gas shielded, flux cored weld repair cost overruns of millions of dollars per-ship, and  the too common poor flux cored weld productivity, the US Navy has expressed concerns for controlling costs on future ship building projects. The weld reality is most of the weld decision makers responsible for global ship building , are simply not aware of the dramatic  weld cost benefits that could be attained from providing welder training programs that include Weld Process Controls and Best Weld Practice expertise. 
Note: Most welder training programs simply focus on the “welder’s skills”.

  • This program benefits anyone who welds or makes gas shielded flux cored weld decisions.
  • Learn the flux cored weld process controls expertise  and  best weld  practice necessary to consistently ensure the highest possible flux cored weld quality & productivity.
  • Learn the expertise that enables welders to stop guessing or  playing with their weld controls.
  • The program applies for all position flux cored welds with the common wire sizes. Welds on structural parts,  pressure vessels, pipes, plate, tanks.
  • The programs deals with the best methods and weld practices necessary to pass any NDT requirements for any type of fillets and groove welds, including those weld joints with open roots, or steel and ceramic backing
  • With the optimum weld data and the best  flux cored best weld practices, this program makes it easy  for welders of any skill level to pass any all position welder qualification test, with  AWS, API, ASME, ABS requirements.
  • If you make weld decisions, surely you would want an easy to learn program that simplifies flux cored weld costs.

Flux cored is a process more prone to weld defects than the MIG or TIG processes. When you are aware of what influences the flux cored defects, you can help prevent defect formation the with the weld data and practices recommended in the weld procedures produced.

Gas Shielded Flux cored is a process that utilizes MIG equipment, and as common with the MIG process, most Flux Cored weld personnel in your facility are playing around with the MIG  power source and  wire feed weld controls. With this resource your weld personnel will learn my  easy to remember Weld Clock method providing them with the confidence to adjust to optimum weld parameters that will deal with the variables that daily influence their welds.

Item 3: Unique Advanced TIG and TIP TIG Training / Self Teach Programs

Advanced TIG and the TIP TIG process

Item 3. Unique Advanced TIG and TIP TIG Training / Self Teach Programs. Order by adding to cart.


Advanced AC GTA (TIG) Weld  Process Control Training.       

For decades, there was little change in  TIG equipment. You had to know when  to use AC – DC, set HF, and usually with a foot control,  ramp, move the amps up and down.

Now with advanced TIG equipment, there are many electronic options that can enhance the TIG welds. Welders typically don’t like change and often the new controls may not be used to their potential.

To ensure the new TIG weld process control options are used to their full potential training programs such as this should be provided.

This Advanced AC- DC TIG process control training program is perfect for those that want to fully understand how the latest electronic TIG power source options will add to the ability to produce optimum, uniform weld quality, with DC and Variable polarity AC steels and  aluminum welds.

Advanced DCEN GTA Weld Process Control Training.

  • Focusing on the required  new Pulsed settings that can enhance DCEN TIG welds.


The Advanced TIP TIG Training Program. The Semi and Automated
TIP TIG process is the evolution of the traditional TIG process.

Em bought TIP TIG to the USA in 2009 and established TIPTIG USA and also tiptigwelding.com. She has more expertise on this process than anyone else in N.America,  And this program is all you will need to be an expert on the TIP TIG process.

  • Why from any weld quality or metallurgy  perspective, TIP TIG is always the far superior arc welding process.
  • The advantages of TIP-TIG over traditional TIG.
  • The best possible TIP TIG weld settings and unique weld practices for any metals, weld wires and applications,

Advanced AC TIG.       

  • TIG welding aluminum. Take a look at the latest features on TIG equipment especially the new variable polarity controls for aluminum welds. Ask your self, are all the welders getting the full potential from the advanced features on the TIG weld equip. And does the TIG work force provide, uniform weld quality from the correct weld practices. 

Advanced DCEN TIG.

  • When to Pulse or not to Pulse with DCEN. 
  • When to use Wave Control on DC welds?
  • Do you know the differences between DC TIG welds and welds made with the TIP TIG process?

TIP TIG is the evolution of the manual  traditional TIG  process into a semi-automated TIG process.

  • No other arc welding process can provide the weld quality or weld / part metallurgical properties than the TIP TIG process.
  • Em brought this exciting new TIG process to both North America & Australia.
  • This is the most comprehensive training program ever produced on the TIP TIG process.
  • Why TIP TIG is superior from a weld quality and weld costs.
  • How do you use TIP TIG, what are the best weld settings and practices.
  • Few like change in a weld shop. Management has to drive change. After 60 years with the traditional TIG process its time look outwards and examine the dramatic weld quality and cost benefits that will be attained for your company with this important process. 

Item 4: A Management & Engineers Guide to

GMA & Flux Cored Weld Quality, Productivity & Costs. E Craig.

GMA & Flux Cored Weld Quality, Productivity & Costs


Training Progam Options



Em. Craig has 60 years of expertise in GMA – FCA weld process control expertise, and when not writing the AWS GMA Gas Specifications or advising the AWS Flux Cored committee on the process, Em. was optimizing manual and robot GMA & FCA applications in over 1000 companies in 13 countries.

  • No more GMA – FCA weld cost confusion, weld costs are made simple.
  • No more playing around with regular GMA, Pulsed GMA, and Flux Cored weld controls. Em. Has simplified optimum weld parameter selection for any manual or robot weld.
  • This resource ensures not only the use of the best weld data but also provides the best possible weld practices that lead to uniform opt. weld quality.
  • No more weld gas confusion. Never buy a three-part gas mix again.
  • No more GMA weld equipment. confusion. Why waste money on bells & whistles?
  • Find out how to increase your GMA weld shop deposition rates by 25 to 50%.
  • With the Flux Cored process, from pipe welds to building ships or construction equipment. Em. simplified Flux Cored parameter selection, & ensures that the flux-cored The weld data provided always produces not only the best weld quality but also the highest weld deposition rates for the lowest weld costs. 

My 600 page, “Weld Management and Engineers Guide to MIG and Flux Cored” book is the most comprehensive practical book ever written for anyone that wants to cut the umbilical cords attached to the weld sales man, and manage a weld shop  in which weld personnel will not play around with their weld controls. Manage a  weld shop that daily attains the best possible, manual and robot MIG – Flux Cored  weld quality / productivity always with the lowest weld costs.

Increase Your Weld Quality & Robot Weld Speeds.

          This book will also teach you how to consistently meet the requirements necessary for weld decision makers to attain the highest possible manual weld deposition rates and the highest weld speeds with robots or any automation.

Whats Included

My Weld Management – Engineers Book

  • A Management & Engineers Guide to GMA Weld Quality,  Productivity & Costs.


Your Choice of Any One Of the above process controls programs for Free!

  • Item 1. Robot & Manual MIG 
  • Item 2. Flux Cored 
  • Item 3. TIG & TIP TIG

These resources  are the missing weld management and supervision link throughout most of the global weld industry.

These resources will provide the ability to quickly & dramatically lower weld costs & improve weld quality.

From Manual to Robot Welds, its resources such as this that  can  enhance anyone’s weld career prospects.

In an age of lack of depth weld process control expertise, this is the one weld book that should be sitting by your desk.

If you deal with MIG, TIG or Flux Cored and you know that welding is just not about welder’s skills, then select the process control – best weld practice program of your choice to go with the book.