TIP TIG World’s Best Pipe Weld Process.

TIP TIG Pipe Welding:

TIP TIG superior to GTAW, Hot Wire TIG and pulsed MIG on any pipe welds


Take a moment and examine  the following traditional GTAW (TIG)  pipe weld.

An old photo of an 70 year old process.

Slow weld speeds, high weld heat, high welder skills, high weld labor costs, high gas and wire costs.

Now below take a look at TIP TIG which since around 2009 in North America has been the logical evolution of the TIP TIG process. I assume as you are reading this blog that you will have already read the first weldreality.com TIP TIG blog which defines the differences between TIP TIG, TIG and Hot Wire TIG. 

The Evolution of TIG is TIP TIG.

Take a moment with the above TIP TIG video, what’s the first thing you note as a primary welding difference.

[] SKILL REQUIREMENTS: How about the fact that TIP TIG welders don’t need to use two hands as required by TIG in which the welder uses one hand to hold the torch, and the other hand to feed a large wire into that small fluid area of the weld. 

LESS SKILLS REQUIRED: With this TIP TIG pipe weld, note as the welder no longer needs two hands to weld as they do with TIG, the welder can use one hand to steady himself , allowing more control of that pipe weld.

[] What you won’t see with any TIP TIG welds is a welder using an amp foot control.


Those welders that suffer leg cramps will be relieved to know that they no longer have to use a TIG foot control to ramp the TIG amps up or down. And of course welders no longer need the expertise or skill set to know when to ramp that weld current up or down.